Saturday, Jan 28, 2023

To the Dogs!

To dogs, my friend Yes! “To the dogs!” That's where the world is going For years They tried to hide it But now it's really showing Cities where the children Once ran around to play Are building parks Now for the dogs ‘Cause each dog has its day!

“They also need

To socialize

To find a dog

The nicest”

After all

We wouldn’t want

A canine

Shidduch crisis!


And they need space

To meet their mates

And connect with

Their “masters”

While families

Are stressed and pained

And going through disasters


And pet food is an industry

My friend

Oh! How it’s grown!

Gone is the day

When we would say

“Give the dog a bone!”


They’re making millions

Serving steak

Of course filet mignon!

And then they make

Crackers and cake

And plates to serve it on!


The world, my friend

Is upside down

It has gone to the dogs

Like all the guys

Who speak their minds

On something they call blogs!


But something

Makes me happy

About this crazy trend

Perhaps it is a sign

That soon

The madness shall soon end


For we know

That the Mishnah

Tells the time and place

When the geulah

Will reach us

In every single place


A sign that he is coming

A sign that he is near

I see it in the world we live

I feel it in the air


Ikvisah deMeshicha

We know the time and place

It’s when the generation has

A dogged-looking face!




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