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Yated Neeman was founded in 1987 as an independent Orthodox Jewish weekly newspaper. Ever since, people have been turning to the Yated for responsible, accurate and intelligent news coverage. More than an interesting and enlightening read, the Yated is part of the daily life of the community.

We blazed the trail in Orthodox publishing, creating a platform for leaders, professionals, rabbis, teachers, students and homemakers. We have earned the affinity and respect of tens of thousands of readers who eagerly await our publication every week.

Yated is not just a newspaper; it is the trusted conduit to the larger Jewish community, the nation and the world. In complicated turbulent times the Yated is there as a dependable anchor, providing facts and perspective, news, views, fiction and non-fiction enhancing lives and outlooks.

We have earned international renown for providing indispensable critical insight vital in these challenging times in which we live. In a time of confusion, people turn to us to gain the understanding they require to make decisions and comprehend the goings on of the world.

Yated writers are respected for their expertise and skill providing entertaining and enjoyable reading material for the entire family. Our forums on education, child rearing and Jewish thought are closely followed and eagerly anticipated by families who treasure the information and understanding these discussions provide.

The founding editor and publisher of Yated is Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz, who has earned a solid reputation for his forthrightness and tenacious dedication to maintaining the high level of the paper and advancing causes dear to the Orthodox Jewish community. He is a gifted writer, spokesman, advocate and activist. He is the author of seven published books in Hebrew and English.

He oversees a growing staff of talented writers and editors, making their mark on Jewish publishing. Foremost among them are Yitzchok Hisiger, Avrohom Birnbaum, Yaakov Kornreich, Avrohom Broide, Tzvi Yaakovson, Chaya Beila Weinfeld, Yochonon Donn, Rabbi Chaim Serebrowski, Yaakov Astor and Libby Lazwenik. Regular contributors include Rabbi Yitzchok Schwarz, Rabbi Aron Rapps, Rabbi Yaakov Feitman, Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetsky, Rabbi Boruch Leff, Rabbi Yossi Rosenberg and Yitzchok Shteierman.

Not only the articles, but other features, such as Yated’s unique photos have a cult following. The photo editor is Rabbi Chaim Moshe Lipschutz. Avi Yishai, besides writing insightful articles on news of the day, is our in-house photographer. Several other photographers are hired on a freelance basis and we subscribe to numerous photo wire services.

Yated goes where no one went before and continues to set the standard for Jewish media as it has been doing for almost three decades.