Tuesday, Jun 25, 2024

The Wail

It seems a cry defined the night A cry that was in vain As spies came back and told of woe Evoking so much pain And from the Heavens Did resound A cry to all their ears You cried for naught You foolish folk But now you'll have real tears

And from that day

Some thousands back

Until this very day

We hear the cries


It is the price we pay


The cries of fathers way back then

Who told their kin goodbye

The desert dust

Would be their home

Forever they would lie


The cries of Babylonians

Whose shrieks would pierce the night

The cries of Beitar’s murdered young

Who suffered dire plight


The whoops of Roman legionaries 

Who set our House aflame

The cries of the chained

Sons of kings

Paraded now in shame


The neighs of horses raising legs

Crusaders old and young

The cries, “You killed our savior”

The god they claim we hung


The cackle of the flames

That rose from the ill-famed


The cry of Shema

Upon the lips

Of all who passed that way


The cry of Cossacks

Though the years

Across the eastern plains

Our cries in turn

Of captive men

Led away in chains


The cries that came from showers

Laced with Zyklon B

Of Shema and Ani Maamin

That cry eternally


And now the cries of sirens

Of rockets in the air

Of news of bochurim kidnapped

The cry of endless fear


When will the cry of our folk

Turn silent not from fright

When cries of joy

Displace the wails

Of that old fateful night


And then in unison

We’ll shout

A cry to pierce the sky

Across the world

They’ll hear us sing

In knowing every “why”


A cry we sing in unison

Once again as one

A cry of joy this timea

Moshiach as our lead

Will cry

On to Yerushalayim




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