Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

3 Weeks Knocking

Indeed my friends The world's aflame And some just go and play their game Golf and war It's all the same Why not? Israel is to blame! Planes go missing Out at sea Cheers in Gaza Shouts of glee Girls are in captivity And their friends went And murdered three

Not a peep

Scared to complain

When rockets on

Civilians rain


Or rockets down

Civilian plane

Acts that we once thought insane

Occur daily in Ukraine


Putin, he won’t take the blame

The world says

“Response is the same”

And so Israel gets the blame


A thousand rockets

Toward us hone

Terror tunnel

Terror drone

Each Arab brought up with a stone

He’s taught to throw when he is grown


And from the stone

The boy will grow

He’ll learn to shoot

Instead of throw


He’ll learn to shoot

And then inside

In mosques or schools

Is where he’ll hide

Or he’ll just learn to



And then they’ll find

And track him down

The world will shout

And deeply frown

With speeches from

The famed renown


They’ll yell and shout


And then blame Israel for the mess

And say the story

On the news

Using “Israel” and not “Jews”


It’s every year around this time

Bashevkin never fails

To make a rhyme

Lamenting tzaros in our time

Hitting strongly, not sublime


To say that if we ever

Did forget

We are not free as of yet

As golus shleps just more and more

Tzaros knock upon our door


Hello! Hello!

We’re here again!

Visiting you, once again

The only answer is to pray

That Mr. Golus goes away



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