Sunday, Jan 16, 2022

The Pereh Adam

Who is this man who seethes with terror? Roots so ancient labeled pereh Roams the desert, heart is filled With lust for blood, the men he killed As just a mere young boy he started A life of mockery imparted With Sarah's vision he departed And thus a course forever charted

His arrow pointed, bow was arched

But in the desert, lips were parched

The only water, Hagar’s tears

Please don’t let me see my fears

Indeed, the angels they did hear

A crying mother and her prayer

And water found in arid air

It seemed in heaven they did care

His mother weeps with tears of joy

Fulfilled are prayers for her dear boy

Withering in desert’s sun

And how she prayed for this cruel one

In heaven stormed the angels high

Asking the Almighty, “Why?

Do we allow that he survive

And bless his tribe that they shall thrive?”

The angels tried to speak the vision

Of frothing hate and sheer derision

Almighty, though, did not succumb

“I know,” He said, “but ‘ba’asher hu shom’”

They saw the blood of waving knives

The crash of cars on holy lives

They heard the cries from moms and tots

But forced they were, ignored the shots

And through the dry and arid sands

Of Middle Eastern desert lands

He learned the trade he would display

To terrorize all in his way

The armed marauding caliphate

Instilling fear and spewing hate

And citing prophets from above

Who in their hearts no room for love

No compromise for any view

Whether Christian

Whether Jew

Their prophet’s law for those he hated

Decrees that he hallucinated

And all those tears

Cease not to flow

Why, I ask, I do not know

For just a moment that he cried

How many thousands since have died

So what I say

And what I share

The power of a sacred tear

And this time, please

May us You hear

And rid the world of hate and fear

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