Friday, Oct 15, 2021

The Aftermath

The winds have calmed The storm subsided And now we stand As one, united Looking forward Looking back Learning how to live With lack And stories they Keep going on Like life before In Tzitivyan


Men in shul

That frightful night

Learning daf

By candlelight


In darkness it’s

Their only beacon

Indeed the words

Bameh madlikin


With what does one

Light up a home

When darkness, gloom

And looters roam?


With chessed, love

Abounds galore

And people just give

More and more


The roofs are gone

The homes are flooded

The insides soaked

The rooms are gutted


But phone lines, emails

Are flooded too

And each one asks

“What can I do?”


Centers where

Hot meals are served


Calm the unnerved


Shelter for

The homeless kin

Families are

Taken in


Open stores

To give out clothes

Secret chessed

Hashem knows


Yes, my friends

There’s so much pain

Brought by floods

And wind and rain


And it’s so hard

Simply to cope

But we must grasp

Each ray of hope


It’s the only way

To fare

To lift our hearts

Amidst despair


Look back through tzarah

In each dor

Crusades and plagues

Famine and war


And somehow

More than

Just survived

We rebounded

Grew and thrived


We can’t lose sight

Of better days

Or question

Of His secret ways


Just seize the


Of our folk

Who somehow bear

The heavy yoke


Amidst the gloom

Be not depressed

For Klal Yisroel’s

At its best

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