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Taanis 31: Joyous Dance

On this daf, we find a teaching regarding the joyous dance of the righteous in the ultimate future. The Leshem adds that eventually all Jews will merit this. We will be so unified that we, too, will feel something like the deep and perpetual joy in Hashem and His Torah that tzaddikim will merit in this dance.

Rav Aharon of Kiblitch was so filled with joy that others envied him. He was happy despite his crushing poverty and was accomplished at bringing joy to his fellow’s heavy heart. It usually only took a few words from him to transform gloom to joy.

He would sometimes celebrate his spirituality through spontaneous dance. When asked how he could dance with such enthusiasm, he replied, “Well, naturally, at times it is hard to rejoice, but especially at these times I force myself to dance from joy. When the evil within accosts me and says, ‘Why are you dancing? What do you have to be happy about now?’ I reply, ‘Even if I really don’t feel happy right now and can’t find a reason to rejoice at this moment, I can still borrow joy. I know that in the ultimate future, there will be very much to rejoice about. I dance because the joy I will have then is worth dancing over. Why shouldn’t I cheer myself up by borrowing from that joy right now and expressing it in dance?’”

When a certain poor chosson and kallah got married without a cent to their name, they couldn’t afford food for a festive meal. After the chupah, the guests left the premises. The two were so devastated they began to cry.

Someone raced to Rav Aharon and told him their tale of woe. “It’s that awful? What can we do?”

Rav Aharon rushed to raise money for a meal, and as the food was being prepared, he began to dance. His dances were so wondrously joyous that the couple began to rejoice. A crowd gathered to enjoy his fancy footwork, and they soon were so caught up in his joy that they also started to celebrate and gladden the now happy couple (Leshem Shevo V’achlomah; Siach Sarfei Kodesh)

Hadron Aloch Maseches Taanis



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