Wednesday, Jan 19, 2022

Megillah 2: Everything is from Hashem

On this daf, we learn about reading the Megillah.

Rav Nosson of Breslov gives a lesson for every day based on the words of the Arizal about the greatness of the Megillah: “The very word Megillah is rooted in the word gilui, revelation. When we read the Megillah, all the heavens open up and reveal how every hidden thing is part of Hashem’s Master Plan. It is often difficult to fathom, but every experience at every moment of each day is sent for a reason. Nothing is for naught.

Purim teaches us that even the direst decrees are from Hashem for a reason. To hold onto this understanding, we make a brocha every morning and evening thanking Hashem for the changes between day and night. We are declaring that every change, as natural as it appears, is directly from Him. When we declare this, we are actually revealing the supernal Source of nature. The more we recall this, the easier it will be to live a spiritual life of connection to Hashem” (Otzar Hayirah, Emunah and Megillah).

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