Saturday, Sep 24, 2022

Remember the Taste!

The dishes are Now packed away And challos grace the table Pretzels abound And Reisman's cakes To snack we now are able And as we peel the papers Or heavy duty wrap Are we, I ask, removing Our Yom Tov “thinking cap”?

Are all the messages we said

And songs we sung together

Drifting softly in the breeze

And floating like a feather?


Are all the questions

That were asked

With answers to them all

Wrapped up with the tin foil

And crumpled in a ball?


Is Echod Mi Yodeia

Still your Number One?

Or is your team

That’s in first place

For silly games they won?


Do you all still remember

Vehi She’amda clear?

Or are you hopeless

Filled with doubt

With faith replaced by fear?


Did Shefoch Chamoscha

Ring with truth

Or is it out the door

Like all the tiny matzoh crumbs

Swept up from your floor?


What did you take

From Pesach

Did Yom Tov do for you?

Or is the remnant

Bits of tape

And sticky residue?


When you packed your Haggados

In boxes or on shelves

Did you pack the Yom Tov’s joys

And also pack yourselves?


Are all that’s left in bottles

The remnants of the wine

Do daled kosos now remain

A drink for when you dine


Please don’t forget the Yom Tov

And all that you invested

From p’shatim and the zemiros

And questions tried and tested


Be like the chochom

Who wants more

Way past the Seder’s end

For on that zeal for Yiddishkeit

Our nation does depend


With Pesach now behind us

And now Shavuos nearin’

Keep the taste of Pesach

Remember “Ain Maftirin!”



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