Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

He Heard the Call

A saga that began way back

A small town quite obscure

The agents burst in with deep rage

Smashing every door


The newspapers were filled with lies

Libels and deceptions

To garner hate against our laws

And create misconceptions


Charges brought against a Yid

That should not stand in court

But all their machinations

Destroyed any support


Financial charges levied hard

The unions and the banks

And judges seemed colluding with

The prosecutor’s ranks


A verdict set, beyond belief

Unheard, unprecedented

And all the world just looked away

A family tormented


A lifetime sentence for a Jew

A simple first offense

Hundreds of great legal minds

Just said, “This makes no sense!”


And politicians at first shrugged

“It’s sad,” “Oh what a shame”

Pointing fingers, with sound-bites

Thinking who to blame


A family, ten kinderlach

A wife, alone, bereft

The orders from a vicious judge

The hatred from the left


From court to court, appealing

No one seemed to hear

And any plea to Obama

Would never reach his ear


And somewhere up in Heaven

Hashem said, “You must wait

I have a plan, I have a goal

I even have the date


“Don’t rely on people

And those you think could care

Just have faith, continue on

Emunah and a prayer”


And from the multitudes of men

A great hero arose

A Yated Neeman shouted loud

Release Shalom from the throes!


Letters, rallies, fundraising

Millions for legal aid

Torah Jewry davened hard

Please end this sad charade


Who knew? Who cared?

Who even thought

A small historic bump

What difference would or could it make

A President Donald Trump?


Don’t put your faith in Hillary

And surely not Obama

Hashem has plans

You won’t believe

It’s just with added drama


And suddenly, The Donald

Elected as the Prez

A politician who does keep

The promises he says


“A chutzpah!” cries the media

This man, he hates our news

He shuns the Washington elite

And all liberal Jews!


But he’s a man who listens

A president who cared

A messenger was sent to help

For when they spoke, he heard


The candles’ light was flickering

They now burst through the door

Your sentence is commuted

Your jail time is no more


His talis, tefillin clutched in hand

His seforim on Emunah

Now was the time, Hashem had planned

And not a second sooner


And once again in unity

The tears were of delight

Thanking the Almighty

And dancing through the night


The power of our tefillos

The power of our prayer

The power of a maverick

Who showed no human fear


Pure faith in the Almighty

Reb Shalom taught us all

He shall always listen

But we first must make the call











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