Friday, Jul 1, 2022

Eternal Symbolism

The lights are glowing In the knowing That though the lights may dim That winter nights And golus frights Can be lit by Him For as the little Oil grew And lasted for eight days We learned A mighty lesson As we would sing His praise

We learned that

Weak ones will prevail

How few can beat the many

We learned that

Miracles appear

Don’t say there won’t be any


And holy will

Defeat impure

And righteous over evil

And that we will


Despite all the upheaval



Is not just games

And treats for girls and boys

It’s more than latkes

Or fried dough

And lots of gelt and toys


No, Chanukah’s

The time to think

And praise Hashem for all

Deep-rooted in

The menorah

18 tefachim tall


Titus may have

Stolen it

But he just took the gold

But we still bear

The holy flame

Lit back from days of old


It’s all about

A little light

Whose holiness did shine

And still continues

To burn bright

Its message so divine


That no one can

Extinguish what

We believe and cherish

And like that flame

We are the same

We’ll shine and never perish



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