Sunday, Apr 14, 2024

Eternal Hope

Their faces shone like sunshine So pure, so bright, so sweet Antithesis of all the dark That fate would have them meet For days on end Each one of us Felt that pit of doom Imagining the endless pain In an imaginary room

Our men shared father’s
helpless pain
Our women wept as mothers

And boys and girls of every age

Became sisters and brothers


We gathered in yeshivos

In shuls across the land

And teardrops wet

The psalms of old

That shook in our hand


A silence from

A heartless world

Shouted, “You’re alone”

A callous shout for decades hurled

At the plains of Gush Etzyon


In each heart hope

Was fading

As soldiers searched the hills

While jeers and rocks

Were hurled with jest

As Yidden’s blood just spills


We knew the ruthless enemy

Who has no sense of shame

Can act with sheer monstrosity

And swiftly shift the blame


And tears flowed up to heaven

Backed by souls destroyed

A nation cried in harmony

Through tzarah once more buoyed


It seems that all too often

Tragedy unites

We link our hands

And raise our eyes

Through dark and lonely nights


Naftali, Eyal, Gil-Ad

Your blood, your sweat and tears

Shall remain in our memory

Eternally for years


The pain your parents suffered

Is pain suffered Above

A Father we keep turning to

Who punishes with love


Despite our questions

That we have

We’re not alone we know

Your martyrdom all for His Name

Together helped us grow


Perhaps for your cherubic smiles

Perhaps how you inspire

This tragedy compels us all

To act a little higher


To think on greater levels

To act towards all with love

To mend the bond we broke with Him

Our Father way above


The kiddush Sheim Shomayim

As we had prayed as one

As if each kadosh snatched away

Was our only son


Friends in life, you forged a pact

In death not separated

And in your short stay on this earth

A movement you created


I beg it stay eternally

The achdus that we yearn

To bring the ultimate relief

The day our boys return


…Veshovu vonim ligvulom



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