Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023

Camp Memories

Yes, school is out

At least for some

Yeshiva never ends

But still there’s time

To spread your wings

Relax and make new friends


Indeed, there may be kodesh

But no one’s learning chol

So it’s a time to focus

And thus prepare your soul


Whether you’re in half-day school

Where rebbis are still teaching

Or you are off entirely

We all for growth are reaching


When I was young, our counselors

Were the finest and the best

Sometimes the top bochurim

Who stood out from the rest


Today, I know, that many

Do not leave until Av

And younger boys are chosen

To show their campers love


Bashevkin’s getting older

His memory is fading

And if talks about the past

I think my age I’m dating


No matter what, I won’t forget

The great times as a camper

Nothing that has happened since

Can ever put a damper


I won’t forget, we had no pool

Yes, we swam in a lake

I wonder if the lifeguards

Were real or were they fake

My friend, they had no bathrooms

Or plumbing in the bunk

Who can’t forget the “duskee house”?

The shack that really stunk


I left the scene so long ago

I wonder what has changed

I doubt they have a crazy staff

Who act somewhat deranged


Do they still have a color war

Olympics competition

I wonder if there’s B.O.G.

Or did they break tradition


I wonder if they

“Break it out”

Or just announce the date

Do kids still scream so anxiously?

That they “Don’t want to wait!”


We had no email messages

We had to write each week

One pay phone for the total camp

Collect calls just to speak


Are there still the Grand Plays

Do they still have Grand Sing

I’m sure they don’t show movies

As that’s a treife thing


Indeed, the times are different

But some things stay the same

At least I’d say conceptually

With tweaks each camp does claim


No matter what the type of camp

I’m sure you all would say

It does such wonders for your soul

Just to get away



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