Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

Back to School

The doors have opened Very wide The kinderlach have Come inside Some with book bags Some backpacks Some with lunches Some with snacks

Some with pencils

Some with pens

Rulers, protractors

It depends

Whether New York


Pittsburgh, Philly

San Fran Bay

Lakewood, Flatbush


Whether Texas

Or Dakota

Somewhere they

Will have a school

Teaching Torah

As the rule

And by droves

They make their way

Everyone shall start

Their day

Some by carpools

Some with busses

Others walking

(After fusses)

Some will start

The Alef-Bais

Others have some

Different ways

Some start Bereishis

Some will draw

Some start learning


Thousands across

This golus land

That somehow knew

To understand

To keep this nation

Strong and grand

Let the children


That though they’re in

A melting pot

Surrounded all

By what they’re not

Let them learn

Their sacred laws

And keep their mitzvos

Without cause

For holding up

This sacred creed

Ensuring that

The pintele Yid

Will pass the torch


Grace will bless


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