Thursday, Jul 25, 2024

Yevamos 29: A Surprising Limitation

On this daf, we find a question about a husband inheriting his wife.

Rav Moshe Feinstein ruled that sometimes a husband does not inherit all of his wife’s property. “When the husband is unaware that halachically he inherits his wife’s property, he does not. We learn this from the halacha that if a married woman sells assets that are unknown to her husband, the sale is good. This is how Tosafos, the Rosh, and all the poskim hold. What is the difference between a case of assets of which the husband is unaware of their physical existence and assets over which he is unaware that he has halachic rights? In both cases, they are unknown and do not become the husband’s property” (Igros Moshe)



The Root Cause

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