Tuesday, Dec 5, 2023

Yevamos 10: An Important Exception

On this daf, we find the case of a brother who did chalitzah but then died himself without children.

It is worthwhile to mention the words of the Chida in reference to the Zohar about the importance of these mitzvos: “Although the Zohar writes that one who has no children is denied access on High unless his neshomah is assisted through yibum or chalitzah, there is an important detail that bears consideration here. This is only regarding a soul who also had no children in an earlier lifetime. Since the Arizal reveals that virtually every neshomah is a reincarnation in these later times, this teaching of the Zohar is not necessarily relevant. One who already had children and returned to this world for a rectification that does not require children is surely not censured for not bearing children in this lifetime” (Zohar, Part III, p. 180, and Nitzotzos Ohr, ad loc.; Bris Olam on Sefer Chassidim, #549).



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