Saturday, Jan 28, 2023


And we awoke T'was not a dream And like the tears People did stream

From every place

And walk of life

To ease the pain

To mend the strife


Three weeks began

As one had ended

A wound we know

That can’t be mended


And thus we enter

These three weeks

With churban that

So loudly speaks


And yet a world

And even those

Who ridicule

The ones He chose


Stood in silence

Stood in awe

Not believing

What they saw


As day and night

As they streamed in

Grieving, crying

As one kin


Unheard of pain

From total strangers

Misaskim, Shomrim

And arrangers


Of every facet of

Each need

Imparting strength

Our faith, our creed


From tragedy

Does it arise

From mournful tears

And heartfelt cries


They ask You not

Of hows and whys

A secret strength

Indeed belies


And tough veneers

Are just disguise

When Klal Yisroel

Really tries


To say in essence

We are one

That everybody’s

Lost a son


And when the world thinks

We are done

We shine at midnight

Like the sun


Oh Ray of Hope

Look down and see

The way we learn

From tragedy


And grace Your pity

On this nation

Who ask You not

For explication


But bear the pain

Of golus sent

And follow You

Without relent


So cast Your eyes

Be overjoyed

Remember why

It was destroyed


And see the unity

That has emerged

The sinas chinom

Now submerged


And please know that

We shall persist

And not just simply



But seize the moment’s


To cry a force

Of unity


And plead, Dear Tatte

Build it now!

Return Our Joy

And hope somehow


For in two weeks

We shan’t no more

Be wailing, sitting

On the floor


But dancing, singing,



And Leiby




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