Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

White and Right

Remember when a white shirt

Was such a simple buy

You did not need the internet

Nor were prices that high


You went into a Marshalls

Perhaps a TJ Maxx

And picked a 15 and half

Right off all the racks


It used to be an Arrow

Maybe a Van Heusen

Perhaps you got a Ralph Lauren

Which prompted many shmoozen


But now you get the fancy shirts

And do not leave the house

You do not need a car or mall

Just a keyboard and a mouse


The old days are

No longer here

Two types in the men’s section

They’re now a hundred styles

For your capable selection


First you have to pick a place

From fifty shops or more

Of course they’re all exclusive

A specialty shirt store


But you don’t want to

Spend the cash

And not to spend the time

When you can get it cheaper

Not “in” but there “on”line


And you can get from

‘Cross the world

As easy as can be

Whether from the Tyrwhitt

Or from the Twillory


What kind of shirt

Does your boy own

Bianca Bianca?

AI Stone?


Is it Windsor?

Brother Brooks?

Kirkland gets you

Dirty Looks


Is your shirt a classic

A slim, or super fit?

Hope it make you look quite thin

Though it is tight – a bit



That’s white on white

Or Prince of Wales instead

Perhaps a classic collar

Or a collar that is spread


They seem to know the styles

That fit exact yeshiva

The stitch, the make

The fit you take

From the stitcher to the weaver


Of course you need a coupon

Of course you’ll find a sale

Whether from another guy

Or hock from a Dan’s Deal


No matter how you buy

You’ll always get it right

After all

What can go wrong

When all is black and white?



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