Monday, Feb 26, 2024

Too Late Now

It’s all over

And Berel’s mad

It’s just not fair

He feels that he has been “had”


The other guy

He wished to lose

The guy he said

You must not choose


It seems to be

He did squeak by

With a promise

And a lie


The thought of it

Does make you squirm

The guy will have

Another term


You’ll write a letter

To Yated

Decrying everything he said


You’re so upset

How could he win?

Who are the fools

Who let him in


You’ll start to work

On his demise

The world will see his

Blatant lies


Perhaps he, too

Will soon get caught

When they find out

That he was “bought”


The little guy in city council

You thought would not mean

“One old ounce’l”


Just was the vote

That passed a law

With stuff we never

Heard before


The small town judge

You did not care

A case however he may hear

And now it matters how he’ll rule

If they allow to build a shul


Don’t think your vote

Just did not matter

A lousy world

I think got badder


He yelled, he screamed

He raved and ranted

Worthless were

The words he chanted


And some now pout

And some now gloat

R’ Berel yelled

But did not vote



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