Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Taanis 5: Rochov’s Lesson

On this daf, we find the awful extent of Rochov’s depraved behavior, yet on Megillah 14 we find that she converted and married Yehoshua.

The Sheim M’Shmuel answers this with an inspiring message of hope: “We must wonder where Rochov found the strength to marry Yehoshua after such a lowly half century of life.

“The answer is encapsulated in the verse, ‘Azi vezimras Kah vayehi li liyeshua —Hashem is my strength and my song, He has become my emancipation.’ The moment Rochov decided to convert, she received the power to repent and overcome her past. She kept climbing and reached so high that she was a worthy match for Yehoshua and taught the Jewish people a lesson for all time. No matter what one’s situation, however far he may have fallen, he should never despair. He just needs to keep working on overcoming all barriers until he merits complete repentance” (Sheim M’shmuel, Parshas Yisro).



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