Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Taanis 11: Genuine Empathy 

On this daf, we find that Moshe sat on a stone to show his empathy for the plight of the Jewish people.

“During World War I, the Chofetz Chaim slept on the floor or a bench in the kitchen, with only his hands for a pillow. When his household members asked him why, he replied, “At a time when Jewish korbanos fall on the battlefields and our people freeze and starve every day, you expect me to sleep in a comfortable bed with a pillow and a blanket?!” (Mizahav Sheva).



A Fresh Start

  The Rama (Orach Chaim 582:9) writes that on Rosh Hashanah, people should wish each other, “Leshanah tovah tikoseiv. May you be inscribed for a

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Core Curriculum

I know that using the word curriculum in any title probably raises eyebrows and evokes skepticism, if not pure disdain, for the recent edicts by

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My Take On The News

Goodbye, 5782; Welcome to 5783 Time certainly flies. The year 5782 is about to leave us, while the year 5783 has appeared on the horizon.

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