Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

Taanis 11: Genuine Empathy 

On this daf, we find that Moshe sat on a stone to show his empathy for the plight of the Jewish people.

“During World War I, the Chofetz Chaim slept on the floor or a bench in the kitchen, with only his hands for a pillow. When his household members asked him why, he replied, “At a time when Jewish korbanos fall on the battlefields and our people freeze and starve every day, you expect me to sleep in a comfortable bed with a pillow and a blanket?!” (Mizahav Sheva).



Good Over Evil

  The news since Simchas Torah has been downright frightening. Twelve hundred innocent people were killed just because they were Jews. They weren’t just killed.

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US Pressure Continues

  Israel’s celebration over the return of dozens of women and children who had been kidnapped on October 7 and then held hostage by Hamas

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In Good Measure

  My daughter is an O.T. who specializes in feeding therapy. She loves helping babies and toddlers who struggle with feeding issues figure out that

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