Thursday, May 16, 2024

Sounds of Solitude

Not talking ‘bout the virus

Not talking ‘bout the fear

Just talking ‘bout the feeling

Alone, just sitting here


I cannot meet my neighbors

I cannot go to learn

To join a minyan in my shul

I sit here and just yearn


Empty bais hamedrash

The Torah yearns for more

Guards are standing, armed outside

Guarding the shul’s door


And yet that is the gezeirah

The ultimate decree

From Above and from below

Announced with certainty


My mind’s distracted and confused

I know not what to say

The situation’s fluid

With more news every day


The kids are calling into school

And some are using Zoom

My wife is doing PTA

From both sides of the room


We sneak out to buy groceries

Like there were ghetto walls

Walk briskly passed the emptiness

Of our yeshiva halls


Members of a family

You’d once hold and hug

Are distanced off and quarantined

Due to the dreaded bug


The streets are filled in solitude

We live “yoshvah bodod

Worse than Sandy, hurricanes

Tornados and the Scud


We soon shall read Vayikra

Just Moshe can come in

Alone he meets the Aibishter

The sole one of His kin


We now meet the Bashefer

Without the hefty crowd

And daven to Him faithfully

The way it’s now allowed


And in our solitude, we think

About just you and Him

Without the social pressures

That move us on a whim


Don’t care about my neighbors

Don’t care about my friends

Not what they are doing

And not with social trends


Perhaps this respite will be good

When all this madness ends

Connecting with the One Above

Beats all your Facebook friends


For in a flash, they all are gone

In a world that went insane

And only you and Him are there

That’s all that will remain



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