Saturday, Oct 16, 2021

Seder in Solitude

Oh! What a heartfelt Seder

Not seen in many years

Our hearts broken like matzah

The salty water, tears


Will Totty come home from shul?

Will shul just be right here?

Oy! Why? I ask

Is this Pesach

Different than every year


Will cleaning be with Lysol

For chometz or for germs?

Why are all the cleaning rules

Applied with other terms?


Will Seder nights be empty

As families are split

Grandparents in quarantine

And all alone we sit


With trepidation in our hearts

A plague within our midst

Will it come with redemption?

And all tzaros desist?


The maror is the news we read

The passing of those young

Who knows what we are thinking

When Dayeinu is sung


Comforts were so standard

Security the norm

As families would gather

In shuls we all would swarm


We’d talk about the ghettos

The times we could not pray

And read or speak about a time

When Jews were locked away


We’d assure the kinderlach

Those stories were so rare

Simply there’s no worries

At least where we are here


And suddenly, it’s come alive

When so much pain’s evolved

The themes of the first Pesach here

Yet nothing yet’s resolved


We seemed to be reliving

The first Pesach that we had

When so much all around us

Is cloaked in good and bad


You shall not leave your homes, we’re told

The Mashchis in the street

A limited chaburah

Not picked, you cannot eat


And in the darkness

Those who fell

We mourn for them, we’re scared

The power of His awesomeness

And no one was prepared


Sadly, “Ain shom bayis

Seems so sad, yet so true

Despite the fear around the world

We only turn to You


Your nisyonos fill our day

As we shelter in our place

Yet we make Yom Tov happily

With the tzaros that we face


Please look down on Your nation

Please look down at Your world

And stop the plague and pestilence

The wrath You had unfurled


Let our Pesach cleaning

Our quest for Seder night

Clean us all from illness

And cured from our plight


And like the Pesach night of old

The Mashchis shall not enter

Any of the holy homes

Where the Seder is the center


And as the dawn will

Shine its rays

I know we’ll hear the call

The shofar of Moshiach

Geulah for us all

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