Thursday, Mar 30, 2023

Oorah Nachas Files-But What Does Oorah Do?

To many frum people, Oorah means little more than Fiveish and the Oorah Auction. Living in our insular communities, going to schools and shuls with few baalei teshuvaH, we don't have many opportunities to interact with Oorah-touched families and children.

Such was the case with Rabbi Fromfeld*, a sixth grade rebbi at Yeshiva Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway. He’d get the auction book in the mail and wonder, “But what does Oorah really do?” Until this year. Because this year, two of the students in his class are Oorah boys. And he finally got to see what Oorah is all about.


Both these boys had TorahMates, Oorah volunteers, who called them every single week to learn on the phone. So devoted were these bochurim to their little charges’ growth that they would even call their rebbi to find out how they were doing. They were involved in every aspect of these boys’ lives, becoming real mentors and role models.


The boys would go to Learn n’ ChillZone each week, getting a boost of Oorah energy and enthusiasm for Yiddishkeit. They would learn, they would reconnect with their Oorah friends and mentors, and they would enjoy the positive and warm atmosphere.


The boys would come to school before every Yom Tov talking excitedly about the package that had arrived in the mail the day before full of all kinds of goodies to make the Yom Tov special for their families. And the Monday after an Oorah ShabbaZone? The boys could hardly stop talking about the experience, unable to contain their happiness.


And finally, Rabbi Fromfeld felt like he got it. He finally understood what Oorah is really all about. Oorah is a support system, a family, an all-encompassing, year-round Jewish experience. Oorah is kiruv that cares.


*not his real name



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