Monday, Oct 2, 2023

Obamacare in Cardiac Arrest

For two years he's been talking How easy it will be Like just getting a doughnut Or buying a Slurpee

You’ll open up a website

Or make a toll free call

And add some facts and figures

Voila! Healthcare for all


They said, “I couldn’t do it”

The prez he did declare

But I will show the world how I

Would make Obamacare!


No need for you to worry

Nor families to fret

Remember it’s we Democrats

Who made the internet!


He hyped the day

Of reckoning

The site would go online

Each citizen

Would soon log in

To my perfect design


And came that day

They all punched in

To get healthcare dot gov

And somehow things

Were happening

That they

Never thought of


What is the price?

What is the plan?

The info won’t go in

“Don’t worry!”

Said the president

His face sporting

A grin



Will fix it all

We won’t discriminate!

I’m sure we’ll get it running

Perhaps a little late!


They tried again

To get healthcare

Enrolling in a plan

“It never works”

But O just smirks

And says

“Oh yes! We can!”


Republicans are seething

The Dems can’t get it right

The president assures them

He sees the fix in sight


Perhaps the reason

It won’t work

Insurance you can’t get

Maybe it’s ‘cause

The way to buy

Is just the internet!


And maybe our great government

Did not shut down last week

We now can blame the internet

That needed just a tweak


And once again all problems

Don’t need psychology

The root of all the trouble…

Is bad technology!




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