Thursday, May 6, 2021


It got some people angry

And others got annoyed

Who was the alter ego

With whom he always toyed?


And thus

This here Bashevkin

Is just a bit afraid

About his alter ego

And the pen-name that

He made


But this Bashevkin

Does not praise

His alter ego’s work

He’ll use the false Bashevkin

In case he writes a quirk


Bashevkin will not praise him

Bashevkin does not care

Bashevkin will not write about

Women and covered hair


Look for the name Bashevkin

You won’t find it with ease

It’s not there in the Talmud

Perhaps Maimonides


This writer may have borrowed it

To someone’s consternation

I hope that I’ve not sullied

A decent reputation


But I will go on record

It’s not my name I took

I hope by coming clean with this

I will be off the hook!


And now I will not use it

To bolster up some views

Or write a p’sak halacha

Affecting other Jews


I’ll just pen my opinions

Some witty and some lame

And add a byline to those thoughts

With the Bashevkin name


I won’t be in a journal

I won’t hide from a p’sak

Won’t compliment my other

For coffee rooms to hock


And now that I have said it

And all of you have read

Does it really make a difference

Who’s Bashevkin of Yated?

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