Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Mystery of History

It left the ground so normally Another flight that's flown But as I pen these somber lines It still remains unknown Is the missing plane Somewhere lost at sea Or was it hijacked, commandeered Or some great tragedy?

Did its pilot act alone

Or was he forced to fly

And months before this dastard act

He lived his life a lie?


Is the plane now parked somewhere

In deserts of Iran?

Is it a conspiracy

Or just some awful plan?


How does a giant airplane     

Just fall from the sky

In the age of “we know all”

And government’s great eye?


Is there nothing we can do

To find something that’s lost?

Aren’t we the USA

And win despite the cost?


My friends we oft forget, I say

That we are mortal too

And often need reminders that

There’s nothing we can do


The tragedy I know is great

For all two-ninety-three

Yes every single passenger

And every family


But all the world does sit

Another piece of news

No meaning for their empty lives

There’s nothing they can use


But lessons, there are countless

If there’s no apathy

From every world occurrence

Triumph or tragedy


Is there really lost or gone

In worlds that shall endure?

Is there really sickness

The One Above can’t cure?


Is there any real lost cause

And shall we lose our hope?

Is there any test we get

If there’s no way to cope?


Our lives are filled with missing links

And some fall from the sky

Occurrences we can’t explain

Or know the reason why


We all have real tough questions

Throughout our history

But we stand strong

With emunah

Through every mystery


Each tragedy we face in life

They have a silent “why”

Whether missing from this earth

Or falling from the sky


But our motto still rings strong

For when all this is over

We’ll understand

The Master Plan

And that gam zu letovah



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