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Moed Koton 29: Generating Peace

On this daf, we find that one should take leave from his fellow by saying, “Go in peace.” We also find that scholars have no rest in this world or the next.

Our sages say, “Talmidei chachomim marbim shalom ba’olam.” What does it really mean that Torah scholars “multiply peace in the world”? Is this meant to teach us that a Torah scholar should spend the bulk of his time going from house to house making peace between husband and wife and man and his neighbor? No, this statement actually refers to a much higher calling. In the words of the Rokeach: “In the merit of tzaddikim who delve in Torah, pleasantness comes to the world and there is peace.”

The Satmar Rov makes a similar point regarding the continuation of the verse: “The verse says that talmidei chachomim multiply peace in the world, since v’chol bonayich limudei Hashem, all of your children are learned of Hashem. If we read the word bonayich, children, as bonoyich, builders, this teaches that talmdei chachomim build the world by multiplying peace there.

“Although our sages say that talmidei chachomim are always engaged in building the world, we must wonder how. The answer is that Torah, avodah and good deeds, especially when done by tzaddikim, build the world. We build the future Bais Hamikdosh with every mitzvah and good deed done by the Jewish people.

“The Divrei Chaim of Sanz once said that the entire heavenly Bais Hamikdosh is built aside from the paroches. One of the Chassidim called out, ‘I believe with complete faith that the rebbe can make a paroches!”

“Although the rebbe did not reply, he addressed this point on a different occasion. ‘Perhaps I fabricated a suitable spiritual paroches, but people sinned seriously enough that it was ripped and ruined…’

“This is how the Ropshitzer Rebbe explains the nusach of boneh Yerushalayim: ‘uvnei osah b’karov—build it soon.’ With what? ‘B’yomeinu—with our days.’ Every person builds a sanctified Yerushalayim and Bais Hamikdosh with every bit of good we do throughout our day. This is why we are called builders who bring peace to the world. In this manner, we will eventually bring the redemption speedily in our days” (Rokeach, Seder Hatefillah; Aggados Maharit 1:251).


Hadron Aloch Maseches Moed Koton



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