Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022

Moed Koton 24: Genuine Connection

On this daf, we find halachos of kriyah.

In 5700 (1940), the Chazon Ish visited Yerushalayim for the first time. Although he arrived on Friday, he waited until Sunday to go to the Kosel. When he came to Shaar Yaffo, he tore kriyah and intoned, “Tzion has become as a desert; Yerushalayim is desolate!” While at the Kosel itself, he didn’t rend his garment again. Half of Europe was already under the Nazi boot, and Jews everywhere were in danger. The Chazon Ish stood and davened quietly at the entryway to the alley in front of the makom kadosh, his deep connection palpable. It was clear that he felt the greatness of this most holy place from which the Shechinah has never moved since the time of the destruction (Maaseh Ish).



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