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Is There an Iranian Mole in the Pentagon?


Congressmen Expose Spy Ring Infiltrating Biden Administration   

In what may be one of the biggest bombshell stories of the year, investigative research has uncovered shocking evidence that the Iranian regime has successfully infiltrated the Biden administration at senior levels.

Evidence of this infiltration by secret agents of Iran has been surfacing through a series of leaks which have appeared in Iran state-controlled media, demonstrating that Teheran has access “to restricted U.S. State Department emails or government servers,” a letter to the White House by Republican lawmakers stated.

The leaks constitute a significant security breach and give rise to suspicions that a mole or network of moles have been operating in the Biden administration, according to Reps. Kevin Hern R., Okla. and Joe Wilson R., S.C. and Sen. Bill Hagerty R., Tenn who spearheaded the letter.

Several news outlets including the Wall Street Journal and New York Post have published exposés on explosive revelations in Semifor and Iran International, respected global news agencies that first broke the story in September. Their exposés were praised as “blockbuster reporting” by the New York Times.

“The probe is being handled by the Republican Study Committee and could force the Biden administration into admitting Iran has breached sensitive U.S. networks,” Fox News reported.


Teheran Groomed Iranian Americans for ‘Influence Operations’

Members of the congressional investigative team say Iran obtained sensitive government information over the past several years through its highly placed Iranian-American agents.

These were young academics of Iranian background living overseas who were groomed by Teheran for the task of engaging in “influence operations,” to promote support in Washington and around the world for the Iranian nuclear deal.

One of the key U.S. officials identified as part of the Iranian grooming team is Robert Malley, the Biden administration’s now-discredited “special envoy on Iran,” who also led former President Obama’s effort to seal the nuclear deal with Iran.

The JCPOA deal, with its “sunset” clauses, paves the way for Iran to build a nuclear bomb after an agreed upon delay of a few short years.

“Malley’s policy was so pro-Iranian that several career U.S. State Department officials—not known for their hostility to Tehran—resigned in protest,” writes political analyst Caroline Glick. “As Semafor and Iran International exposed last month, Malley surrounded himself with advisers who served as Iranian regime agents in Washington.”

The pro-Iran activist was fired under a cloud of suspicion a few months ago, following the suspension of his security clearance for “mishandling protected documents.” He is currently under investigation by the State Department, suggesting actions more serious than just the mishandling of classified information.

In one of the shocking security breaches referenced by the congressmen’s letter to the White House, the Teheran Times published audio clips of a private U.S. National Security Council meeting over “national security options towards Iran.”

How did the Teheran Times, a regime-controlled propaganda outlet, obtain a copy of an audio clip that was part of a private, tightly controlled government network? The only answer is Iran either hacked the system or had the information turned over by a human source.

“This could mean that U.S. government employees leaked restricted and sensitive government documents to Iran.  Either possibility is gravely concerning,” the congressmen’s letter said.

The letter also lashed out at the Biden administration for stonewalling “repeated congressional inquiries” about why Robert Malley’s security clearance was suspended. They noted that members of Congress “have obtained more information from the pages of the Tehran Times than from U.S. government briefings!”

In a separate letter to the FBI, Rep Darrell Issa, R-CA, stated, “Throughout both the Obama and Biden Administrations, Special Envoy Malley was a central figure in the development of Iran policy. In that capacity, he has helped steer official American policy toward a morally bankrupt detente with the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. The ramifications of Mr. Malley being compromised are practically limitless.”


Vast Iranian Propaganda Network Launched During Obama Years

The congressional investigation into Malley and his alleged accomplices gained much more traction after a shocking report based on leaked Iranian government correspondence and emails was released in early October by Semafor. The report details a vast propaganda network, known as the Iran Experts Initiative (IEI), founded in 2014 by Teheran’s foreign ministry.

The emails obtained from Iran’s government servers outlines in detail how the Iranian grooming operation worked.  The Experts Initiative, organized by Mostafa Zahrani of the Iranian foreign ministry, was designed to boost public acceptance of President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), via an aggressive media campaign.

According to the Semifor report, quoted in Tablet Magazine, Robert Malley “helped to fund, support, and direct” the Iranian spy ring tasked with influencing the United States into complying with Teheran’s terms in the nuclear deal. (The deal was finally clinched to Iran’s satisfaction in 2015.)

The contents of the discovered emails are highly incriminating, showing a group of Iranian American academics being recruited by the Iranian regime, meeting together in foreign countries to receive instructions from top regime officials, and pledging their personal loyalty to the regime, the Tablet article details.

One of the members of the Experts Initiative founding group was an Iranian-American citizen, Ariane Tabatabai, whose father had close ties with former Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Tabatabai became a star protégé of Malley and a key aide. He maneuvered her into influential posts in academia, in media circles and finally, in 2022, into a high level post at the Pentagon.

As members of the IEI sought to sway public opinion in favor of the nuclear deal, Tabatabai established herself as a frequent guest on NPR, BBC, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera and other outlets — while her close affiliation with the Teheran regime remained unknown.

According to the Tablet article, “In a single week in April 2015, as the Iran deal neared completion, [Tabatabai] published four articles in influential publications like Foreign Policy, much to the delight of her Tehran contacts, the emails show.”

Her loyalty to Teheran went so far that she would check in with Iran’s Foreign Ministry before attending policy events, asking for advice and guidance.


Access to America’s Deepest Secrets

“A trove of emails obtained from Iranian government servers show that Tabatabai had been taking direction from top Iranian official Mostafa Zahrani of the IRGC terror group,” the NY Post notes, based on the Semifor reports. “The emails reveal that Tabatabai sought guidance from Iran at every turn, including on how to minimize and negate Israeli influence over America.”

She would send Zahrani articles she published in the Boston Globe and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in which she claimed that Iran needed nuclear capabilities not for weapons but for the “production of radioisotopes for medical purposes.”

Her intent, she confided to Zahrani in an email, was to use these popular media outlets to “show that Iran should not be expected to reduce the number of its centrifuges” in the ongoing nuclear negotiations.

The leaked documents reveal that the Malley protégé used her Harvard email address to seek Zahrani’s approval of her attendance at international conferences — and even to request his help as she crafted testimony to deliver to a US congressional hearing on the nuclear deal.

“I know what a spy network looks like,” Peter Theroux, a retired Mideast analyst told the Tablet. Theroux, with over two decades of analyzing the Iranian regime and its spying and terror networks, said he’s familiar with the ingratiating tone recruited assets use when speaking to their handling officers.

Speaking of Tabatabai’s emails, he noted “there is lots of the ‘mood music’ (approval-seeking) around that correspondence, with her saying, “Let me know what information you need me to collect.”

Despite these shocking disclosures, the suspected Iranian mole continues to serve in the Pentagon as chief of staff to Assistant Secretary of Defense Christopher Maier, which gives her access to some of America’s deepest secrets and sensitive information — particularly as it pertains to Israel.


Sen. Cruz: Malley Disaster One of the Greatest National Security Scandals

Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, in an appearance on Fox News, discussed the Biden regime’s relationship with Iran, whereby “agents of the ayatollah are embedded within the nation’s bureaucracy, leading this effort to get the United States back into an Iran deal, to lower the sanctions, enabling Iran to generate billions in revenue.”

The Texas senator referred to Malley and his inner circle including Tabatabai as “one of the greatest national security scandals in our nation’s history.”

“We now know that three of Rob Malley’s top advisers were Iranian operatives. They were recruited by the government of Iran and reported to the Iranian foreign minister,” Sen. Cruz continued, summing up months of investigation. “You literally had three Iranian spies working in senior positions in the U.S. government and they helped set the Biden administration’s policies on Iran.”

“We have their emails in which one of them discusses with the Iranian foreign minister that his loyalties are with the government of Iran, including his intention to get out the message that there’s nothing wrong with Iran having a nuclear stockpile,” Cruz stated.

“This is who the Biden administration put in critical decision-making roles on national security,” the senator told Fox News Host Bartiromo.

He blasted the administration’s “flowing” of tens of billions of dollars to Iran, at a time when Middle East tensions are peaking as a result of Iranian-backed terrorism. “And what are they doing with the money? Empowering Hamas, empowering terrorists. This is the same Iran that evidence shows just enabled the murder of 31 Americans and 1400 Israelis,” Cruz said.

“Democrats have yet to allow the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to hold a hearing about [Malley].  Disgraceful.”


Pentagon Closes Ranks Around Suspected Iranian Mole

After Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, wrote to the Pentagon demanding Tabatabai’s security clearance be revoked and that she be put on leave pending an investigation, a Pentagon spokesman released a statement staunchly defending her.

“Ms. Tabatabai was thoroughly and properly vetted as a condition of her employment with the Dept. of Defense. We are honored to have her serve,” the statement said.

Despite reams of evidence purportedly revealing her to be compromised by her allegiance to a foreign adversary, the Pentagon will apparently let Tabatabai keep her $153,434-a-year job, along with her top secret security clearance, the NY Post reported.

“Biden’s DoD is REFUSING to revoke the security clearance of an Iranian spy working at the Pentagon,” Sen. Ernst announced in an online post. “More of Biden’s appeasement strategy that has emboldened Iran and its proxies, like Hamas, and threatened our national security.”

In a trenchant JNS article, political analyst and editor Caroline Glick throws light on why Tabatabai, despite the public exposure of her direct ties to the Iranian regime, appears untouchable.

Even though Malley was booted out by the State Department, Glick explains, “the administration is still implementing his appease-Iran policy,” which means retaining all the pro-Iran policymakers and those aligned with them.

This is obvious from the fact that the White House gave a U.S. entry visa to Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Abdollahian to speak at the United Nations—despite evidence that recent attacks on U.S. forces at an American base in eastern Syria have Iran’s fingerprints all over them.

Jason Brodsky, the policy director for the non-profit United Against Nuclear Iran, wrote that Abdollahian “has the blood of Americans on his hands” and slammed the Biden administration for issuing him a visa.

“The U.S. refused a visa to his predecessor Javad Zarif in 2020,” Brodsky noted, underscoring that the U.S. does not have to issue a visa to a visiting dignitary “in the face of security, terrorism and foreign policy concerns.”

“There is precedent for [denying a visa] and it should have been exercised in this case,” Brodsky wrote. “An outrage.”


Slap in the Face After Welcoming Iranian Official to U.S. Shores

Not surprisingly, Abdollahian responded to Biden’s generous gesture with a scornful slap in the face, using his speech to threaten the United States with war if it continues to support Israel.

“At the end of the day, this administration has an Iran policy problem,” Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla, said of the White House’s relentless efforts to appease Iran. Waltz, a former Green Beret who sits on the House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Armed Services Committees, told JNS that he has fought people like the Hamas terrorists “all over the world.”

“I know when they smell weakness, they see opportunity. When they’re faced with strength and resolve, they back down,” he said. “Right now, they are on the march because they smell weakness in this White House.”

Critics say the weakness regarding terrorism is paralyzing not only on the federal level but on the state and local levels, where law enforcement in the United States, apparently taking its cue from the White House, has bowed before violent pro-Hamas protesters, failing to protect Jewish students from the harassment, threats and screaming rampages of Jew-haters.

Such weakness and indifference in the face of the coast to coast trampling of the civil rights of Jewish university students in this country sends a shameful message, and will go down in infamy.


Critics Blast US-Iranian Policy of ‘Peace Through Weakness’             

Sen. John Kennedy, R-LA., highlighted his concerns about the White House’s appeasement of Iran in the face of continuous acts of aggression in an appearance on Fox News.

“Iran has attacked American assets 16 times in the past couple of months,” Kennedy said. “We’ve done nothing about it. President Biden just keeps giving them money and the regime keeps biting our hand.  Biden hasn’t enforced the sanctions on Iran’s oil. They’re producing about a million barrels a day. He tried to give them $6 billion in a prisoner swap. We stopped that.

“Through the International Monetary Fund, he’s already given them $4.5 billion,” Kennedy went on. “He’s trying to give them another $5 billion through a bill the Democrats have. And unless you think there’s a reward for being stupid, do you understand that peace through weakness never works with people like the ayatollah [Khomeini]?

“Weakness invites the wolves. They hate Americans. They hate the Jewish people. The ayatollah wants to kill all of us and drink our blood,” the Louisiana senator asserted.

Rep. Harriet Hageman, R-WY, echoed these thoughts in a Newsmax interview, saying it is “absolutely devastating” that President Joe Biden has allowed Iran to again access the world oil market, as that has given it “$80 billion more dollars” that it can use on terrorist actions.

“The fact is that this may be a long, long war,” Hageman said. “I hate to say that. I hope that that’s not the case, but I do think again, we’re going to have to address the Iranian-Hezbollah-Hamas terrorist threat that is worldwide.”

“Under Donald Trump, she added, “we were starving them out. We were actually addressing that terrorist regime and undermining their power, but every decision Joe Biden has made has strengthened Iran. He’s made terrible decisions in relation to our foreign policy with regard to Iran.”


Bitter Fruits of Obama Legacy

The policy of appeasement in the face of Iranian aggression, inherited from the Obama years, demonstrates that “Malley’s policy of enabling Iran’s rise as a nuclear and regional power remains in place,” even with Malley himself out of the picture, wrote Caroline Glick.

The reason for this is that “Biden staffed his administration at all levels and across departments” with individuals openly hostile to Jews who have the power to advance their own agendas. More often than not, their policies have aligned with the interests of Black Lives Matter, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas.

Even when those policies have backfired or have been rejected by a sizable percent of the American public, the same officials continue to direct the Biden administration’s policies, Glick pointed out.

It is not only Iran’s infiltration into the heart of American society, but the power and dominance collectively wielded by the anti-Israel and pro-Iran members of the current White House administration that is cause for serious concern, say security experts.

The covert activities carried out by pro-regime influencers, clandestine agents and sleeper cells in this country—whose true number remains unknown—poses a considerable threat to U.S. national security, terrorism experts say.





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