Thursday, Oct 21, 2021

How Are We Learning?

It’s coming!

Matan Torah’s soon

Is your learning

Bust or boon?


Are you shteiging

All alone

With shiurim

On your phone


Have you liked the


Is bedidus

Now your mood?

Or do you sit around

And brood?


Are you learning

In your room

With a hook-up

Or a Zoom?


Your chavrusah

Do meet

In a yard

Behind a sheet?


Tosafos kushya

Do you ask

Social distant

With a mask?


Know mein kind

You’re not alone

Long before

The Zoom or phone


Gedolei olam

Sat and learned

During wars

When countries burned


Hidden in

A loft or attic

In situations

More dramatic


In tiny shuls

Were forced to go

Their clothes unwashed

Their hair would grow


With meager rations

All alone

With no videos

Nor Zoom nor phone



Pogroms and more

Yeshivos, shuls

Would shut their door


But great yechidim

They stood strong

Alone they sang

The Torah’s song


No matter how

No matter when

They’d sit and learn




And thus don’t ask

How are you learning?

Instead let’s ask

How are we yearning?


As we count

The final days

We must explore

The many ways


The many paths

To reach the goal

To raise our heights

To lift the soul


We all must grow

We must conform

When our setting’s

Not the norm


And push ourselves

These final weeks

To each of us

The Torah speaks


In a desert

Flowers bloom

And we can grow

Stuck in a room


For Torah is not limited

When we are truly riveted

And we shall merit it’s kabbolah

Despite the outside world’s behalah!

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