Monday, Jun 17, 2024

Everybody’s Going



Summer’s here and that means: Go!

I’m not sure exactly where

But in their minds, so many things

I’m getting out of here!


Everybody’s on the move

Some north and some go south

For some the only thing that moves

Are lips around their mouth


I’m going on vacation!

They talk exotic places

They want to see the surprised looks

On everybody’s faces


Some go to the country

And others go upstate

Some call it the mountains

But they all relocate


Depends just where they come from

And where they will be seen

No matter how they call it

It’s up the Seventeen


Some will fill their cars up high

Others charter busses

Some pack the car with kinderlach

And drive with all the fusses


The rich they fly to Europe

For me that’s just too far

I’d certainly be happy

To go to KMR


Some will fly to Switzerland

Others to LA

There will be those

Who always choose

Their home is where they stay!


The bochurim take road trips

And mountains they will scale

The red sands of Sedona

And Phoenix and Scottsdale


The wonders of creation

Canyons and geysers too

Yellowstone and Rushmore

Where man did something too


Even all across the globe

Everybody’s going

And in the moves across the world

True colors are showing


The president is on the move

He’ll go to Delaware

They tell him where he is right now

‘Cause he is not aware


Everyone is on the move

Some low, some highfalutin

Even Wagner’s on the move

Or perhaps that was Putin


Bibi may be on the move

If he won’t hold the coalition

They’ll send him packing off real soon

With their war of attrition


For me, so far I’m staying put

Not excited by the hype

And sit here at my keyboard

And dream as I do type




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