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Election Fraud Lawsuits Build Momentum As Deadline Approaches

President Donald Trump’s campaign on Monday secured two favorable rulings after the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals granted an expedited review of its Pennsylvania appeal, and the Michigan state legislature agree to hold hearings on election fraud allegations, according to Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis.

A district court judge had previously dismissed the campaign’s Pennsylvania lawsuit, which charged election officials in Philadelphia and other Democratic-leaning counties with violating the “equal protection” clause under the U.S. Constitution.

Attorneys alleged among other claims that “blue” counties allowed voters to redo mail-in ballots that were incorrectly filled out, while Republican-leaning “red” counties followed the law and didn’t alert voters about ballot deficiencies.

Trump campaign attorneys welcomed the ruling from the Third Circuit, saying it will allow them to lay out compelling evidence of widespread voter fraud in many of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties.

Bullied Into Submission

The same day the Third Circuit issued its ruling, Michigan certified election results favoring Joe Biden, a move that came after a prolonged saga during which one of the Election Canvassers was bullied into voting for certification, according to her description of her ordeal on Fox News.

When Monica Palmer subsequently tried to rescind her vote based on her having been coerced, she was told she could not do so. Her initial refusal to certify, she explained, stemmed from the wide discrepancies between voter registration numbers and the actual votes tallied in many precincts.

“The numbers were unbalanced, they didn’t add up. I felt I couldn’t in good faith vote for certification until that was cleared up.”

Palmer said she was targeted with vicious text messages that threatened her, her husband and her daughter with violence if she continued to hold out. She capitulated and agreed to vote for certification after being promised, by an official with senior authority, that a full election audit would take place prior to official certification.

After she voted to certify, she said, that promise was broken.

Republican National Committee chair Ronna Romney McDaniel and Michigan Republican Party chair Laura Cox had backed Palmer, urging the Michigan Board of State Canvassers in a letter to conduct an audit before certifying the election, writes WorldNetDaily (WND).

“This board faces a stark choice: it can either ignore numerical anomalies and credible reports of procedural irregularities, leaving the distrust felt by many Michigan voters to fester for years; or it can adjourn for 14 days to allow for a full audit into those irregularities before certifying the results of the 2020 Election, allowing all Michiganders to have confidence in the results,” they wrote.

Michigan’s act of certification now opens up the question of how things will play out if the legislature’s upcoming hearing uncovers irrefutable evidence of outright fraud, as many expect to be the case.

“We are confident they will share the same concerns once they see the extent of the fraud and disregard for the law in Michigan and across the nation,” said Trump campaign attorney Ellis. “Every American should want to know the truth.”

Riveting Press Conference Unveils Massive Fraud in Battleground States

Fraud allegations in connection with the Michigan election made headlines after a riveting Nov. 19 news conference by three attorneys challenging presidential election results outlined their key claims in lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

Mindful of the narrow window of time before the Electoral College casts its ballots on December 14, former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell working independently, and legal advisor Jenna Ellis offered a glimpse of the evidence that supports allegations that massive, coordinated fraud flipped the election.

The team has filed lawsuits and appeals, pressing forward with litigation despite the refusal of some states to delay certification of election results until all the fraud allegations have been aired.

Giuliani began the conference by saying that the fraud is clearly “centralized” as it took place in multiple states on an unprecedented scale, with tactics that were eerily similar from state to state.

Ballot Bedlam

The methods allegedly included backdating ballots; ballot stuffing (casting multiple votes); ballot “harvesting” (allowing volunteers to collect ballots from third parties); “votes” by dead people; and mail-in ballots whose perfect “pristine” appearance (unfolded, unmarked except for a perfectly filled in Biden bubble) looked computer-generated.

Attorneys say their investigation in a number of swing states turned up tens of thousands of mail-in ballots whose signatures matched no one’s name in the voter poll book, as well as dozens of cases of precinct “over-votes” where processed ballots vastly exceeded the number of registered voters in that area.

In two thirds of the precincts in Detroit, for example, the over-vote was “monstrously” high, said Giuliani. Two and three times the number of registered voters turned out to vote in these places. What this means is that there were clearly illegitimate and artificial votes, he said.

“You can’t logically have an over-vote of 200% or 300%. In Michigan and Wisconsin, we ‘magically’ have over-votes in numerous precincts of 150%, 200%, and 300%.

Methods of pumping up the Biden vote, according to attorneys, included counting thousands of votes by absentee voters as well as ballots that arrived after voting officially stopped.

“We have about a hundred affidavits that describe people witnessing the counting of ballots three and four times; having people vote three and four times, changing and backdating ballots… adding up to at least 300,000 illegitimate ballots that we can specifically identify,” Giuliani told reporters.

The alleged fraud included the practice employed in the battleground states of barring   Republican poll watchers from their legal right to observe the ballot counting, under the pretext of adhering to coronavirus guidelines. In several states, they were ordered to stay in a makeshift enclosed area.

In the city of Atlanta, Georgia, Giuliani said, Republicans were categorically barred from watching the absentee mail-in ballot process. “Inspections were completely cast aside.” In addition, we have evidence of double voters and out-of-state voters, and we have specific evidence of voter intimidation and changes of votes.

A lawsuit that will be filed in Georgia within the next few days, he said, will set forth these glaring instances of voter fraud, as well as constitutional issues with the changes in Georgia’s voting system.

Allegations about Governor Brian Kemp’s role in spending a $100 million of taxpayer money for the purchase of Dominion Voting Systems in 2019 over the objections of Georgia’s legislators will also be aired.

“That will all be in the lawsuit that comes out in the next few days,” President Trump’s attorney said.

Election Interference by Foreign Adversaries

The most sweeping and spectacular level of fraud, the legal team charges, was enabled by electronic software inside Dominion voting machines—used in 30 states—that reportedly allow outside players to manipulate votes.

Dominion’s software, manufactured by Venezuelan-owned Smartmatic sports technology that can “drag and drop” votes inside the voting tabulation machine, wiping out votes for one candidate to put his rival in the lead, explains lead attorney Sidney Powell. Another built-in application injects votes in whatever numbers the operator chooses.

“What we are really dealing with here and uncovering more [evidence] by the day is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China in the interference with our elections here in the United States,” Powell said.

The Smartmatic technology used in Dominion Voting Systems was created in Venezuela “at the direction of Hugo Chavez to make sure he never lost an election after one constitutional referendum came out [against him],” the attorney said.

She said eyewitness testimony to this fact comes from a “strong witness whose affidavit is attached to the pleadings of [attorney] Lin Wood in the lawsuit he filed in Georgia.”

Briefed with Dictator Chavez On How the Software Worked

In his affidavit, the witness recounts that years ago, “he was with Hugo Chavez being briefed on how the [Smartmatic] software worked. He saw it operate to make sure the election came out [Chavez’s] way. That was the express purpose for creating this software. As soon as this witness saw multiple states shut down the voting on the night of the election without apparent cause, he knew the same thing that happened [during the Venezuela election] was happening here.”

“This is a massive, well-coordinated effort,” said Powell. “It is the 1775 [American Revolution] of our generation and beyond.”

“It really happens in two ways,” Ms. Powell said of voter fraud involving the machines. “There’s an algorithm that runs that automatically flips all the votes, and then each operator has the ability to go in and override settings. They can ignore a signature. They can ignore the top line of the ballot. They can go down-ballot and select who they want to change the results for.

She also claimed that according to the “Chavez” witness, there were people who were “in the control room” and they “watched how the votes” were flipped in real time.

“We have evidence now of information from the [Smartmatic] systems going to three or four different foreign countries during the time of the election. Those countries could have watched the live votes come in and changed the numbers,” said Powell. “There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the communist countries with our election.”

“This is stunning, heartbreaking, infuriating, and the most unpatriotic acts I can even imagine for people in this country to have participated in,” Powell said.

“We cannot allow crooks to steal an election from the American people,” said Giuliani. “They elected Donald Trump by a landslide. Fraudulent and illegal ballots put Biden in the lead after the election was over. Give us an opportunity to prove it in court and we will.”

Red Flags Were Raised But Ignored

While spokesmen have denied all allegations, the firm’s long-running financial connections with Smartmatic, a company owned by Venezuelans with ties to the infamous Hugo Chavez regime, are a matter of congressional record, asserted Powell at the news conference.

Concerns about Smartmatic’s foreign connections and possible tampering with voting machines have raised red flags among government officials, notably Sen. Caroline Maloney, D-NY. In a 2006 press release, Maloney explained the reasons for her activism in pressuring the Treasury to investigate Smartmatic for the company’s ties to Chavez.

“I am writing because of possible investments by the Venezuelan Government in Smartmatic, an electronic voting company with business in the United States, and its acquisition of Sequoia, a U.S.-based electronic voting company,” reads the letter Maloney sent to then-Treasury Department Secretary John W. Snow.

“As you can imagine, having a foreign government invest in or buy a company that services U.S. elections could raise concerns about the integrity of the elections conducted by these machines,” the letter continues. “The government should know who owns our voting machines. This is a national security concern.”

Maloney’s concerns about the security of the voting machines that service more than half the citizens of the United States were echoed in 2019 for Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klubochar who called out Dominion executives for using outdated, insecure and easily-hacked machinery that “could threaten the integrity of our elections.”

She Was Trained to Cheat

Addressing reporters at the Washington DC press conference last week, Giuliani held up an affidavit from a worker in Detroit named Jesse Jacob alleging fraud in that city’s polling places.

“This is the sworn statement of a patriotic and brave American citizen made under oath and under penalty of perjury,” he said, adding that the legal team has over 250 affidavits from eyewitnesses. The flow of sworn testimony indicates that voter fraud was not an isolated case here and there, he noted, but a centralized plan specifically targeting big cities controlled by Democrats.

Jacob was assigned to voting duties in September and was basically trained to cheat, she said.

“I was instructed by my supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee ballot packages to be dated earlier than when they were actually sent in,” her affidavit reads. “The supervisor made that announcement for all workers to engage in that fraudulent practice.”

The Detroit witness said she observed “a large number of people who came to the satellite location to vote in person, but they had already applied for and submitted an absentee ballot.” She said her supervisor told her not to check the photo IDs of voters or their signatures when they arrived. She observed city employees coaching voters on who to vote for, as well as voters voting more than once.

Other affidavits cited by Giuliani testify that “at 4:30 in the morning, a truck pulled up to the Detroit center where they were counting ballots. The people thought it was food, so they all ran to the truck. Instead of food, it was thousands and thousands of ballots…in garbage cans, in paper bags, in cardboard boxes. They were all taken into the center and placed on a number of tables. At that time, they thought all the Republican inspectors had left.”

“Here’s what they jointly swear to,” said Giuliani. “Every ballot that they could see were ballots for Biden. And the ballots had no down-ticket, many of them had no markings on the outer envelope. Estimates are there were a minimum of 50,000, maximum of 100,000 of these ballots. Many were triple-counted, which means they were put into the counting machine once, twice, three times.”

FEC Chairman: Trump Campaign Bringing ‘Legitimate Accusations’ of Election Fraud to Court

The Trump campaign is bringing “legitimate accusations” to court through affidavits of credible witnesses and other evidence in its challenges to electoral outcomes in various states, Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor said in an interview with Just The News.

“[A judge] looking at the level of evidence that has been provided by their affidavits — hundreds of affidavits that corroborate events on the ground — would have to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true in a summary judgment of these cases,” Trainor said.

“The court has to take the evidence of the plaintiff as being true and see whether or not the other side can make a case against it,” added Trainor. “So, the massive amounts of affidavits in these cases show that there was in fact fraud that took place. And the other side really needs to answer these questions.”

While the media has been loudly clamoring for “evidence” –unsatisfied with affidavits from anonymous people—the attorneys explained that they were determined to protect the privacy of many of their sworn witnesses to shield them from harassment and would share their identities with the court.

Noting that the Trump campaign’s lawsuits are advancing through the courts in various stages of progress, Trainor predicted they would culminate in trials.  “At the end of the day, I would say these are legitimate accusations that are going to be tried in court.”

“And we need to let this legal process play out,” Trainor added, “so that we come to a valid conclusion to this election that everybody believes to be legitimate.”

Prominent Mathematician Flags 100,000 Pennsylvania Ballots

Trainor said that new analysis by Professor Steven Miller, a Yale and Princeton trained math expert, “adds to the conclusions that some level of voter fraud took place in this year’s election.”

In a sworn declaration, Miller says his analysis of election data and phone interviews with Pennsylvania voters raises questions about as many as 100,000 absentee ballots requested in the key battleground state, where President Trump and Joe Biden are separated by just about 82,000 votes.

He said he analyzed Pennsylvania ballot data collected by data chief Matt Braynard as well as 2,684 voter interviews conducted by a phone bank and found two concerning patterns. One involved possible votes that were not counted, the other ballots that appeared to be requested by someone other than a registered voter.

“I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted, range from 89,397 to 98,801,” Miller said in the sworn statement provided to Just the News.

According to Pennsylvania state data for early and absentee ballot requests, the numbers are even higher: roughly 165,000 ballots were requested in the names of registered GOP voters that had not been counted as of Nov. 16.

Trainor told Just the News that Miller’s analysis provides fresh evidence of probable voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

“The rush to certify results that are this suspicious in places with known election violations, would nullify millions of votes that were legally cast [but not counted].”


Cybersecurity Expert: Michigan Election Results ‘Physically Impossible’

The claims of over-votes and election irregularities in Wayne County, Michigan have been validated by renowned cybersecurity expert Russel Ramsland, who filed an affidavit asserting that Michigan’s election results are a “physical impossibility,” reported National File.

Ramsland is the co-owner of Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG). His company specializes in detecting election fraud, cybersecurity, open source intelligence and global security services. Ramsland served in the Reagan administration and has worked for both NASA and MIT.

In the affidavit, Ramsland said he determined, after intensive scrutiny of Dominion machines and Michigan voter data as recorded in real time, that ballot-tampering almost assuredly took place.

Ramsland was critical of Dominion’s low security profile, citing “vulnerabilities to hacking and tampering, both at the front end where Americans cast their votes, and at the back end where the votes are stored, tabulated, and reported.”

In explaining how the machine’s systems logs are “unprotected,” Ramsland said that anyone with an elementary knowledge of computer systems could “arbitrarily add, modify, or remove log entries” while keeping the alterations undetectable.

Ramsland goes on to write in his affidavit that, “There are a stunning 3,276 precincts where the votes cast compared to the estimated number of registered voters ranges from 84% to 350%…It reveals 431,954 excess ballots. This pattern strongly suggests that the “additive algorithm” was activated.”

His affidavit goes on to say, “Until the tabulated voter turnout reached approximately 83%, Trump was generally winning between 55% and 60% of every turnout point. Then, after the counting was closed at 2:00am, the situation dramatically reserved itself, starting with a series of impossible spikes shortly after counting was supposed to have stopped.”

“The final red flag is perhaps the greatest,” Ramsland wrote. “In the data are 4 spikes totaling 384, 733 ballots allegedly processed in a combined interval of only 2 hours and 38 minutes.”

This is physically and mathematically impossible given the available equipment at the 4 precincts/townships where the ballots were submitted, he stated.

“The existence of the spike is strongly indicative of a manual adjustment,” wrote Ramsland. “In any event, there were 289,866 more ballots processed at the time available for processing, than there was capacity.

He noted that the pattern strongly suggests that both the fraudulent additive algorithm was activated in the code, and that “batch processing of blank votes” also took place, resulting in 74,119 more ballots cast than the capacity.

Ramsland warned about Dominion Voting System machine vulnerabilities in 2018 after studying samples of the equipment for other clients, writes National File.


AG William Barr: Eliminating The Secret Ballot is ‘Playing With Fire’

A record number of Americans voted by mail in the 2020 election, driven by fear-mongering that crowded polling places could become super-spreader events for Covid-19.

In a pre-election interview on CNN in September, Attorney General Barr expressed concern about the campaign by Democrats to promote early mass mail-in voting.

“This is playing with fire. We’re a very closely divided country here,” Barr said of the changes Democrat governors and election boards sought to institute in the voting process, often without the consent of state legislatures.

“People trying to change the rules with this methodology — which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion — is reckless and dangerous– and people are playing with fire,” Barr said.

He said the changed system impinges on the historic American tradition of the secret ballot, one filled with checks and balances.

“Americans go to a polling place, identify themselves, go into a private voting booth and mark a ballot. Those measures have been developed over the years precisely because of concerns of fraud and coercion,” Barr said. “And you can’t sell your vote, no one can intimidate you, no one can buy your vote. And it reduces radically the risk of fraud when you have a secret ballot that’s organized the way we’ve had it organized.”

Barr said voting by mail eliminates all those protections.

“There’s no more secret vote,” he said. “Your name is associated with a particular ballot. The government and the people involved can find out and know how you voted. And it opens up the door to coercion.”

In response to the question of how to address people’s fears of becoming infected with the virus at crowded polling stations, Barr said measures could be implemented to stagger voters for the general public and ensure that social distancing would be maintained. Alternatively, high risk individuals could vote by absentee ballot.

The attorney general said there was nothing to stop foreign countries from printing large numbers of counterfeit absentee ballots and sending them to voters. When pressed on which country might attempt to tamper with a U.S. election, Barr singled out China, because “I’ve seen the intelligence and that’s what I’ve concluded.” He declined to elaborate.

Major get-out-the-vote campaigns and relaxed regulations for mail-in voting revolutionized the process in the presidential election, with almost 93 million Americans sending in ballots before or close to Election Day.

As predicted, numerous issues mushroomed with the mail-in ballots, including multiple absentee ballots mailed to individual voters, ballots being mailed to dead voters, and votes appearing to go uncounted well after Election Day.

Against the uproar today over mail-in ballot fraud, as well as disclosures about Smartmatic’s and Dominion’s alleged ties to Venezuela and China and potential meddling by foreign governments in the U.S election, Barr’s comments in September seem chillingly prescient.


‘It Hurts My Spirit…My Soul’

In an electrifying 45-minute videotaped witness statement, a poll watcher who was at the vote-tabulating center in Detroit on election night described dozens of incidences of fraud, including an early morning delivery of ballots for Joe Biden.

Detroit resident and congressional candidate Articia Bomer who ran for the U.S. Taxpayers Party, said the Democrats “cheated” and the election needs to be “redone.”

Reading from notes she had taken, Bomer recounted a minute-by-minute saga of incriminating incidents at the voting site at which she had been stationed.

“I heard an announcement that 50 boxes were arriving at 4 a.m. that turned out to be ballots for Joe Biden,” she testified. Bomer heard that the Biden ballot-dump was counted and processed in an impossibly short amount of time, and said she witnessed officials tamper with vote tabulators.

Bomer said she observed ballot harvesting operations by a local church and poll workers overriding the votes and changing Trump votes to Biden.

“I saw poll workers refusing to count Trump votes,” she stated, “as well as “poll workers bringing in luggage and boxes that could have contained illegal ballots.”

The witness said she observed some poll workers colluding with Democrats to try and expel Republican poll challengers, as well as clandestine meetings at which GOP people were excluded.

“I don’t have any confidence in any of the election process after this fraud happened right before my eyes,” she said.

“I’m traumatized by it,” Bomer continued. “ … It hurts my heart, my spirit, my soul.”



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