Thursday, Apr 11, 2024

Cooked Books

This Chanuka Our shelves are stocked And everywhere I look Someone brought a gift to us To tell us how to cook! My wife, her food's delicious I don't know why we got One hundred books What you could do With chicken and a pot

Oh! My friend

You shall not think

These books teach

Simple fare

These books, have recipes

They boast

From almost everywhere!


And they

Are written



And somehow

All are themed

With delicacies

And foreign foods

Of which

I’ve never dreamed


They cater to

Your every taste

Each culinary wish

From meat, to dairy

And desserts

And sushi

Types of fish


Some take hours

Some are quick

Some are simple

Some have shtick


So eclectic and so


Some will surely

Dent your purse!


For every Yid

A recipe!

From Munkatch to

The Baltic Sea

From Paris, France

And Germany

Of course from Sea

To shining Sea!

Each yid has a recipe!


There’s Cookbooks

For alleh Yidden

For every type

Of food that’s eaten


There’s a new

Bais Yaakov Cookbook

I’m not sure

What it’s on

Perhaps I’ll

Make a Kugel

According to Ramban


They made a

Brisker cookbook

At least that’s

What I hear


I couldn’t make

The recipe

(I didn’t have the shiur!)



I heard they made another one

This one’s from Palestine

And every cake

That you do bake

They take

And say “It’s mine!”


Neturai Karta’s got one too

Recently, I learned

There is a Flag cake recipe

But it always gets burned!


The Litvak recipe book’s hot

They say it’s now the rage

What really makes it special

It has only one page!


Fill a pot with water

And boil it up slow

And then put in

A bit of salt

And add a po-tato!


It’s not very creative

It doesn’t have much spice

But for a Litvak

What a meal!

So tasty, and so nice!


Hungarian’s have recipes

There’s some

If you must rush

How to make

In 3 minutes

A yummy cake –


 The Americaner Cookbook

Was pretty cheap to buy

It featured

15 ways one could

Bake an Apple Pie!


Some of these

I’m serious.

The new one from B’nei Berak

It calls not for a long white beard

It doesn’t need a frock


This book

It has, my friend

So many recipes

That really are quite simple

And can be done with ease


They’re recipes for Hatzlacha

In everything we do

They’re recipes in how to make

A truly better Jew.


We must all add some mussar

To that pie called life

And act a little nicer

To husbands, kids and wife


And sprinkle in some kindness

And heaps of thoughtfullness too

I promise that the recipe

Will make a better you



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