Friday, May 20, 2022

Chagigah 5: The Rewards of Charity

On this daf, we find some teachings about charity.

When Reb Menachem Kenigsofer was ninety-three, he heard about a certain elderly woman who required physical help to get her through her day. Sadly, she did not have enough money to pay the large monthly fee for admittance into a proper nursing facility. Although in Israel the government often helps in such cases, it can take a long time to finally procure the necessary funds.

The moment Reb Menachem heard about this, he offered to pay what was missing. He explained, “Here I am, an elderly person. Yet, thank G-d, I do not require physical assistance. If I did, I would surely have to pay for myself. Why shouldn’t I pay for someone less fortunate than me?”

This arrangement went on for four years. When Reb Menachem turned ninety-seven, the woman finally received assistance from the government and his help was no longer required. A week later, Reb Menachem passed away (Rayonos L’drush, p. 421).


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