Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

A Tearful Goodbye

Where is my sukkah?

Where is my s’chach?

The beautiful projects

All under the dach?


My esrog is withered

My Hadassim are dry

Aravos are lifeless

They all seemed to die


Aravos are sitting

On the aron above

A few leaves remain

From beatings with love


The shul floor is now littered

With ripped flags and wrappers

And half-eaten candies

From young whippersnappers


The sounds of the dancing

Though in my ears ringing

Are soon fading slowly

No jumping or singing


With tears did I sit

On that Shabbos night

While ten days of Yom Tov

 Took off in flight


The final Havdalah

Of my exultation

Left my heart longing

For more celebration


From the fear of Kol Nidrei

 And its trepidation

Transformed into dancing

And joyful elation


Ten days of joy

Of simcha and bliss

Of zemiros and dancing

I now sorely miss


How will I manage

In a month they called bitter

Just mashiv haruach

 Added in to my siddur


I guess we must hold on

To the inspiration

That guided us back then

As a fledgling nation


Through winter’s deep frosts

And all of its cold

To the minim of Sukkos

 I know I shall hold


And though my small sukkah

Has now been undone

Its warmth will embrace me

Like rays of the sun


The singing and dancing

The joy and the cheer

Will lift up my spirits

Until Chanukah’s here


And though my heart’s saddened

As Yom Tov is gone

The hope of the neiros

Will help me move on



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