Thursday, Dec 2, 2021

A Sukkah of Serenity

My sukkaleh! I cannot wait
To sit inside its shelter
To shield me from this crazy world
That reeks of helter skelter

Outside the world has just gone mad
I know not what to think
I prayed for peace, tranquility
But in just a short blink

Iran can launch a rocket
And Kim Jong Un a blast
Hurricanes and earthquakes come
With impacts that long last

Where do I run for cover?
Oh! Where can I just hide?
Hashem says, “In My sukkah
I’ll shelter you inside”

Ki yitzpeneini besukko
Says Dovid in Tehillim
Sheltered by His holy grace
From all those who would kill him

Oh yes the news is frightening
With threats from every front
With perils that are no longer veiled
The words we hear are blunt

But for eight days, I simply know
I have nothing to fear
My esrog is my hand grenade
The lulav is my spear

Indeed, Chazal do tell us
That we should not be scared
Yom Kippur spoke our verdict
With victory declared

So come inside your sukkah
Ananei Hakavod
And unburden your troubles
From the world’s chilling load

And sit there with your family
In this joyous Yom Tov season
Of course you’ll have
Some special guests
The heiliger Ushpizin

The poor and broken sit with you
With holiness abound
The Ananei Hakavod
Surely will surround

So spend the time inside that hut
That’s filled with peace and calm
And worry not while you’re inside
From all the world’s alarm

Ah! The serenity of Sukkos
The purity and bliss
Just think!
The minute we go out
We just lose all of this!

Let’s pray that this year’s
Sukkah dwelling
And the Torah we’re discussin’
Will ensure
Our next sukkah
Is in oro shel Livyosin

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