Wednesday, Sep 21, 2022

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  Holocaust memoirs record many situations in which a Jew or group of Jews found themselves in unprecedented moral dilemmas that tested every drop
Goodbye, 5782; Welcome to 5783 Time certainly flies. The year 5782 is about to leave us, while the year 5783 has appeared on the
  In A Perfect World Almost from the moment we graduate from childhood, we metaphorically don our black robes and settle down to judge.
I recently had the good pleasure of meeting Rav Lipa Yisraelson. A grandson of Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, this lovely and engaging person dedicates
We don’t believe in coincidences. When the world will be awash with references to transitions from queens to kings, celebration and denigration of royalty,
The news has been protracted for many months. We saw it coming down the pike. We worried that it would happen. But like most
  LOOKING FOR INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS? INNOVATE WHERE YOU ARE LOOKING. So where will you find the big idea that will propel your company to
A Half Century After The Atrocity, Germany Offers Apologies Fifty years after Palestinian terrorists murdered eleven Israeli athletes who had gathered in Munich for
In A Perfect World Months ago, a careless gardener, when removing some undergrowth, accidentally sliced through the stems of a large thatch of ivy
Another Terror Attack Averted I began my column last week with a report on the terror attack in the Jordan Valley, and I emphasized
  Parshas Ki Seitzei opens with the halachos of the aishes yefas to’ar. Rashi quotes the Sifri, who explains the reason the Torah permits

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