Wednesday, Feb 8, 2023

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In a Perfect World   Picture the following scenarios: A family is seated at their Shabbos table. As the mother puts various dishes on
The Military Operation in Jenin If an entire country can be in the throes of mourning at once, then this past weekend certainly brought
In this week’s parsha, we study the final three makkos with which Hashem punished Mitzrayim. The ninth makkah was that of choshech, darkness. We
If you live in a town like Lakewood, it’s the kind of hall you find yourself in twice a week. There are 10 to
As often happens, many people have been talking about the problem, but not offering solutions. A proposal for solving the issue has now been
In a Perfect World   You’re all familiar with a game called “Let’s Make a Deal,” right? In case you’re not, let me give
Ten minutes. Ten full minutes is what it took. The mashgiach, Rav Chatzkel Levenstein, would relate this with great nostalgia and admiration. He was
There is a wonderful, sad, little tale about a poor older fellow who was down and out on his luck.  He heard about a
Supreme Court Chief Revealed to Have Met with Protest Organizer These protests have actually managed to create a very unfavorable impression of the opposition.
If you were asked to define the period in which we are now living, you could be excused for defining it as hypocritic, where
Musings   Have you seen my documents? I think they’re classified Even though I do not get What they say inside   Have you
As we enter into Parshas Va’eira and deeper into Sefer Shemos, we should consider the dual lessons of these weeks. One rests eternally in
In a Perfect world   New Zealand has a serious rabbit prob­lem. In the 1830s, rabbits were brought to that country to provide sport

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