Monday, Oct 2, 2023

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  What a unique nation we are, so different from all the other nations of the world. When others face a serious indictment in
The Joy of Sukkos There is something very special about Sukkos in Eretz Yisroel. I once spent Sukkos in Copenhagen, and it was extremely
In Yeshivas Radin, there was a break before the blowing of the shofar on the morning of Rosh Hashanah to afford the mispallelim an
Uman in the News As usual, there is plenty of news to report this week. First, Netanyahu testified before the Meron investigative commission once
I had the occasion this year to address a gathering in Lido Beach, offering some words of chizuk to an eclectic group a week
For almost eighty years, a shofar that Jewish prisoners blew at Auschwitz at the risk of their lives was sitting in an old faded
As we near the end of Elul, we should be ramping up our efforts at doing teshuvah, rectifying our errors and setting ourselves on
In the twilight years of his life, Rav Elya Lopian retired from serving as mashgiach in Yeshivas Kfar Chassidim and moved into the home
By Gabriel Geller, Royal Wine/Kedem Rosh Hashanah is a time for reflection, encompassing the lessons of the past year and the potential of the
  A Guest in New York Even though it has been only a week since my last column, I have a great deal to


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