Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022

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It happened almost fifty years ago. The place was Camp Torah Vodaath and the event was the Color War All Star Game. Held on
A Government Falling Apart It has been clear for weeks that the government of Israel was approaching its demise, but it seems that the
In A Perfect World Walk down any street in any city, and chances are you will pass by at least one person who is
  While I was in Eretz Yisroel last week, I came across a pithy saying I had never seen before. In Hebrew, on a
There is a certain part of me that did not want to write this article.  I simply felt that by describing any aspect of
  Ousting of DA Sends Sharp Warning To Nation’s Progressive Prosecutors   A landslide recall election in San Francisco last week saw the city’s
Numbers. Are they really important? The Torah reflects a somewhat equivocal attitude toward them. The Torah forbids counting the Jews, yet sometimes, as in
  In a Perfect World The pool sparkles in the sunshine as a pair of would-be swimmers arrive. Let’s watch the way the two
Fear Grows as Arabs Become Bold It has been two weeks since the last time we “met” on the pages of this newspaper, and
According to numerous media reports, one of the chronic problems facing the Biden White House is its inability to understand why the president’s job
In the initial days of this world, when there was little more than the earth and the sky, the sun, the moon and the
One of the more puzzling statements said on the night of Pesach is: “If He had brought us before Har Sinai but not given
  One of the perks of learning in an out-of-town yeshiva are the extra pockets of time–off built into a family simcha. There are

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