Saturday, Jun 12, 2021

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We have just begun the month of Tammuz, which occupies a delicate place on the Jewish calendar. Most people think that the month Av
An item that appeared in the Yated a while ago says a mouthful. “Western diet makes mice stupid” was the headline. “A review of
This week’s parsha of Shelach is one of the most perplexing and tragic parshiyos of the Torah. A group of twelve leaders were selected
I was taught as a child to keep a dictionary around. It helps with spelling; it corrects vocabulary mistakes. Today, there is spell check
Bennett Makes His Choice So, what happened this week? Let’s start with some political news. At this moment, a Lapid-Bennett government seems to be
It was a couple of weeks after Shavuos and Rav Yaakov Aryeh of Radzamin, one of the great Chassidishe rebbes of his time, was
It has not been a good two-week stretch for fact-checker, nor for the mainstream media in general, nor for those whom they have elevated
This week, there was an uproar in Israel over a new bill that would ostensibly prohibit kiruv activities. The same proposal has been around
Jewish history is an ongoing cycle of high peaks and low valleys. We arrive in a new country, get acclimated until we feel we
The clashes that culminated in a ceasefire last week between Hamas and Israel is at least the fifth such round since Israel’s withdrawal from
We are living in extraordinary times. While such a statement often seems like a cliché – doesn’t every generation think it’s special? – it

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