Thursday, Feb 22, 2024

Yevamos 35: Waiting for the Wedding

The Shelah Hakadosh writes that every mitzvah has unfathomable depths in addition to whatever we can possibly understand about it: “Although I am going to provide some of the deeper reasons for various mitzvos, one should never think that I am teaching about every facet or even more than the tiniest bit of what is behind the mitzvah. Even if one were to spend a thousand years delving into any mitzvah, he would still fail to fathom its true depth.”

The Imrei Emes offers a glimpse of the depth of a mitzvah brought on this daf: “Our sages say that one is obligated to wait three months before marrying a convert, a divorcee, or a woman who was taken captive. Although on a simple level this is to ensure that she is not already expecting so that we can establish the identity of the real father, there is a deeper reason why we must wait in these cases.

“When Klal Yisroel left Egypt, they could not receive the Torah right away. We were redeemed in Nissan, but couldn’t accept the Torah until Sivan, the third month. In Egypt, we were considered like converts. We were also captive slaves of an alien culture. We therefore had to wait until the third month before going under the chupah of Sinai to accept the Torah” (Shnei Luchos Habris; Gan Yosef).



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