Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023

Yevamos 33: The Ultimate Atonement

On this daf, we find a case of what may be chillul Shabbos.

Keeping Shabbos can even atone for idolatry, as we find on Shabbos 118. The Baal HaTanya writes in Iggeres Hateshuvah that although fasting atones for sins, we don’t have strength to fast. The way to atone nowadays is to put our efforts into keeping Shabbos, which has the power to atone for all sins. But of course we must work hard to learn its complex halachos. Failing to do so guarantees that we will unintentionally transgress these halachos, as Rav Yonason Eibschutz points out (Tanya, Ya’aros Devash).



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