Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Year in Review

And so Bashevkin Looks again At his rearview mirror To paint a picture With his pen Which could not be much clearer About the year Twenty Thirteen The one that passed us by To reminisce the news that past Without explaining “why”

Of course each day

Across the world

Came strife, violence and war

But that’s not news

It’s every day

We’ve all seen it before


Afghanistan and Pakistan

And daily strikes of terror

And Taliban

With troops near gone

Perhaps that was an error


And Apple clones

And NATO drones

Each fight a different war

Each one in stealth

In search of wealth

That’s what they do it for!


Benedict said “Nope”

Francis is pope

And named Man of the Year

Snowden leaked

And then he sneaked

And tried to disappear!


And Castro’s king of Cuba

Assad, he won’t step down

Though Morsi like Mubarak

Is nowhere to be found


And Bloomberg’s gone

Like a Big Gulp

And Bill now fills his shoes

I fear that every day we’ll hear

New rules no good for Jews


The Dow has surged

Back to its height

Before financial trouble

And all will run

To make some “monn

Till the next burst bubble


And meteors they landed

In Mother Russia’s land

Where Putin rules

The world he fools

Despite his iron hand


And Ahmadinejad

Is gone

We thought he brought alarm

But now we fear

The next one there

Who plans his strike with charm


And violence still

Does fill our land

With guns and all their shootin’

In shopping malls
In school house halls

We all did mourn for Newton


And Syria found chemicals

Another way to slaughter

Perhaps it’s good

They went to Mars

And think they spotted water


Mandela was a hero gone

And all gathered to hail

Forgetting what he did way back

And why he sat in jail


And typhoons strike

The Philippines

And thousands washed away

I find it odd

That old A-Rod

Makes bigger news that day


And animals

Now roam the streets

Without a bit of shame

And punch a person

To the ground

And this they call a game?


But if you’re hurt

No worries now

Obamacare’s in town

But to enroll

Does take a toll

The website’s always down!


And in our Holy Land

We love

So much internal strife

With new men in

Who think they’ll win

And change our way of life


And so another year went by

At least a year for goyim

And we’re still here

Another year

Gevalt! It’s pilei ployim!


Despite the world

That’s poised to pounce

Despite the violent “knocker”

We will be here

Another year

Our netzach, “lo yeshaker!”



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