Friday, Jul 19, 2024

Year in Review

It's once again That time of year When throngs of drunks Will sing and cheer

News and stories

Are forgot

But Bashevkin

He thinks not


For what this writer

Likes to do

Is take the year

In quick review


For we all know

That nothing’s new

Under the sun

For any Jew


We started out

The earth did shake

Haiti got

A major quake


And who came out

And did partake?

Of course, Yidden

For chessed’s sake!


Obama blew in

Like a storm

And bulldozed in

New health reform

Oh! Did he

Us, misinform!


In Arizona

Laws did pass

To ask from every

Single class


Are you perhaps

An alien?

“Hurray,” said

Sarah “Palian”! (sic)


Indeed her Tea Party

Had sunk

The thoughts Pelosi

Sure had thunk!


And soon the Senate

Came back “R”

And the House

Seemed not too far


Lots of Leaks

And things got sticky

From BP

And Mr. Wiki!


Months and months

The oil spewed

BP laughed

Obama Stewed


Mr. Wiki

They plugged his leak!

Took the police

Not a week

To send their leaker

Up the creek!


Putin and

Obama met

Made some deals

‘Bout nukes, I fret


Behind the ears

Obama’s wet

The better deal

The Russians get


And they’ll continue

With their lies

Plant three dozen

Russian spies


And when their mission

It does flop

They’ll arrest ours

And make a swap!


But Jonathan

He still sits there

Does anybody

Even care?

From Israel do

A sound we hear?


A flotilla

Terror filled

Try to have

Israelis killed


And when soldiers

Tried to defend

The world just couldn’t



And al-Qaeda

Still says, “Hi”

We’re still around

In land and sky


Don’t think we stop

At underwear

We’ll try to bomb you

In Times Square


And if we fail

To blow the car

We’ll put a package

Not too far


We’ll think of ways

You’d never think

Place a bomb in

Toner ink!


The world still kvetches

‘Bout Iran

But they let them

Carry on


It really gets

The sane ones sick

You don’t fight wars

With rhetoric


No combat role

Now in Iraq

I fear that soon

It will go back

To every day

A new attack


And Afghan peace

Seems nowhere near


When it’s not clear

Who we’re dealing

With out there!


And Abbas claims

He’ll make a state

Wags his finger

Says, “Just wait!”


Obama’s got much

On his plate

Like North and South

Korea’s fate


And Rangel got

An ethics potch

Like his friend



Of course when back

We take a look

We must record

Bashevkin’s book!


And through it all

Rubashkin sits

Somehow he

Maintains his wits


While justice seems

Quite on the fritz

Yet Rabbi Lipschutz

Never quits


And so a year

Called “Twenty Ten”

Has closed its books

But we ask “When?”


Will “their world” feel

Hashem in Heaven?

We hope, perhaps

Twenty Eleven…




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