Tuesday, Apr 16, 2024

Year In Review

It's that time of year again When I take out My trusted pen And write of old And write of new And speak my thoughts Year in review To look at things Some sad, some jolly Some filled with thought Some filled with folly
And so Bashevkin
Rhymes his views
On what the world
Did claim was news
I guess we’ll start

With Time’s big thing




I guess Time is

So occupied

They’re making them

So bona-fide


Because in our

Great US nation

Many have lost

Their occupation!


Of course the world

The praise did sing

When occupied

With Arab Spring!


There was no springtime

In the air

At least around the world

And here!


For Hurricanes

And tsunamis

Left havoc in their path

Newsmen said it’s nature

And we said it’s G-d’s wrath


And heroes tried

And heroes died

And Klal Yisroel mourned

As more yesomim cried


A tragedy in Brooklyn

It shook us to the core

But we reacted valiantly

And pray we hear no more


All sorts of fellows running

A presidential race


A new one claims

He is in first place


Rebellions in the Arab world

Our president did praise

I guess he just don’t


They’ll never change their ways


They’re screaming in Tunisia

Rebelling in Egypt

And back here in America

The Occupiers flipped


They drove out bums in Libya

Over in Yemen too

They’ll do the same in Syria

And then they’ll blame the Jew!


And Abbas tried to get his state

And vote in the UN

And the whole world tried to

Join his cause

What’s new, my friend, again?


Goodbye tyrant Gaddafi

And Kim you died too late

Your son will now wear

Your “songlasses”

Oy! To Korea’s fate


And yes!

They got Osama

It sure took them a while

The Prez, I’m sure, said,

“Take him out!

‘Cause I don’t want a trial!”


And terrorists around the world

Are cheering that they won

They got 1,000 monsters back

And Israel got their son


And Europe’s banks are failing

The US, they’ll soon fleece

I worry that the slide won’t stop

For it’s covered in Greece


The prince he did get married

For all the world to see

I hope his shidduch’s better

Than that of his daddy


And Iran’s going “nuclear”

And Bibi is still snubbed

Obama teleprompts his lines

And Perry’s lines were flubbed


And politicians

Come and go

I hope Congress is cleaner

Welcome, Mr. Turner

And goodbye Mr. Weiner


Technology has boomed again

But lost its favorite son

In Berries versus fruits, they say

The Apple has won!


I won’t go into

Our world

I’ll wait ‘til our New Year

But pen these words

In worry

While all the nations cheer!


They sing and revel

And then get drunk

As they drop a ball

But we know that

The world’s real fate

Depends upon us all!


So our plea

As they shall drink

Please save us in these times

And bring Your light

Unto the world

And I’ll make happy rhymes!



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