Thursday, Mar 30, 2023



We all hear about buttons

Whose is bigger? Who has more?

Who will be the senseless one
To start a little war?


It may really sound

Quite ludicrous

What I’m about to say

But we all have our buttons

We push them every day


We push all types of buttons

Not always our own

I do not mean the buttons

That you have on your phone


Everyone has attributes

Some pleasant, some grotesque

And buttons that we push for them

Are not placed on a desk


Sometimes little words can slip

That go beyond the pale

And you just pushed a button

And thought “It’s no big deal”


On that Hawaiian island

An average sunny day

A fellow pushed a button

“A missile’s on the way!”


People ran and shouted

And mothers sure did cry

“Did Kim just push the button?

Are we all gonna die?”


“Whoops! I didn’t mean it!”

“I pushed it by mistake”

You know we almost went to war

Who knew the news was fake?


Imagine that our president

He got the errant tweet

And then he fired back a shot

As one not to be beat


Of course, it did not happen

And all were scared, not hurt

But mistakes or a thoughtless push

A remark sharp and curt


Can cause so much more damage

And all we’ll say is “Whoops”

While someone may be vilified

By blogs or posts or groups


You only pushed a button

Who knows how you’ll offend?

So, think my friend

Before you speak

Or push the button, “Send”




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