Thursday, Sep 16, 2021

A Whole New Season

So boys and girls!
It’s back to school!
You know what that does mean?
New shirts and pants
And uniforms!
And clothes that are real clean!

No more summer polos
Or clothes that are tzurisin
Or shticky slogans on your tees
That sound a bit farbisin

Of course that school starts Elul
Is really awfully kind
Because at least you’re shopping
With Yom Tov on your mind

Emporio, Suit Central
At Bencraft they are smiling
Hat Box, Chatham also cheer
‘Cause into stores they’re filing

Junee, Fame and Brenda’s
And Freilich’s Uniform
Suddenly are hit with the
Eye of a big storm

Oh yes, we’ve left the country
And headed back to school
And people buy new wardrobes
As if it was the rule

Of course new knapsacks
For our young
New seforim for our old
Gemaros and a kovetz too
Wherever they are sold

The bar mitzvah boys need jackets
And brand new hats they get
Though the Chofetz Chaim needed
A Poilisher kasket!

I don’t know how we manage it
It can be very hard
Ma! Why can’t you afford it?
We have a credit card

Even the rabbonim
Frocks, bekeshes and ties
But wait there’s even more bad news

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