Monday, Jun 24, 2024

What Do You Hear?

Certain precious things we learn Are often set to rhyme It's so that kids remember them I'm sure for quite some time And why we blow the shofar So many explanations! Each reason on its own, my friend Advances inspirations

The most important reason

That transcends all of them

We simply blow the shofar

For that’s r’tzon Hashem


But as the sound is piercing

So much comes to mind

Each one alone

Can help us grow

Rav Sadya Gaon defined


The shofar is the trumpet

That heralds our great King

Its blast is praise to glorify

Like every praise we sing


The shofar calls to teshuvah

A siren of sort

For when we need awakening

The blast our sins shall thwart


The shofar is the piercing blast

Just like in days gone by

When we received the Torah at

The foot of Har Sinai


The shofar is that faithful voice

The novi’s prophecy

Prodding us to teshuvah

To be who we should be


The shofar is a nation’s cry

For the Mikdash now destroyed

Reminding us to cry again

To fill that greatest void


The shofar is the great ram’s horn

The korban that came later

Avrohom begged, “Let me do more!”

Even after the Akeidah


The shofar is a sound that fills

Each tiny nook and cranny

Is there a place without Hashem?

No, sir! There isn’t any!


The shofar’s call for judgment

A siren of din

Reminding us to all prepare

For a battle we must win!


The shofar is that blast we’ll hear

When this golus shall end

For the great blast will thus announce

Moshiach He will send!


The shofar shall remind us

Of a day we pray shall be

When all the dead

Will rise again

Our loved ones we shall see


Each reason is a story

Worthy of its own

I’m sure you’ll find

A reason why

From reasons we have shown


And some will hear Moshiach

And others Har Sinai

While some will see the dead arise

Or hear the Mikdash cry


Whatever vision that you shall see

Whatever sound you hear

I’m sure the teshuvah it shall cause

Will bring a sweet New Year




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