Saturday, Jul 20, 2024

What a Deal

I'm not a politician I'm not a diplomat I'm just a simple poet And not so good at that

But I could tell you something

I know I smell a rat

You don’t need too much savvy

I know right off the bat


We’re making a new deal, I hear

With hoodlums from Iran

The president is kvetching

“I did the best I can”


I don’t know much of politics

Don’t get what he just said

But things I heard astounded me

From the lips that we all read


“They won’t make the bomb tomorrow

I told them in ten years

And I’ll be back in Kenya then

So why should I have fears?”


They say they’ll have inspections

Like a mashgiach in a dorm

The imams will scream “Chickie”

And then kick up a storm


He told them “no more nuclear”

It is not very safe

I’ll let you build the regular

To simply bomb and strafe


And if you share with Hezbollah

I won’t make too much noise

Because I see you’re growing up

And want to share your toys


So let me lift the sanctions

And let your oil flow

The Saudis will love Israel now

I guess it goes to show!


My good old friend, dear Bibi

He’s getting out of hand

I’ll send some missiles to him too

In case a bomb does land


I’m waiting for my Peace Prize

From some guy named Nobel

I’ll call my friend “‘Jmidinijad”

To claim a prize as well


And all the Dems in Congress

And Senators as well

Will clap their hands and praise my skills

“Barack, that sure went well!”


And Chuck is not a shomer

For he just makes a stink

About big Slurpees, airplane noise

Or some caffeine drink


But where is he a shomer

When Iran will soon bomb?

Did someone push the snooze button

On Chuck Schumer’s alarm?


They all stand there and smile

“It’s peace for our time”

When all I see is chaos and

A horror and a crime


And yes we all must daven

And yes we all must pray

But hopefully the poems like this

Will get someone to say


Call your local congressman

Tell them what you think

And you can quote Bashevkin that

I think the plan does stink




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