Wednesday, Jun 19, 2024

We'll All Miss You, Reb Shmuel

Inside us all Does lie a kid Who is no longer young Because the songs He used to sing Will no longer be sung For Boruch's “father” left us And Zaidy's tales are done Thank you, Shmuel Kunda For years of tears and fun

The old East Side

Won’t come to life

And no Simon’s shenanigans

We shall not hear

Of yesteryear

And Captain Lanigin


We’ll never visit Prague again

Or land in Bangkok too

We will not go

To Eizenshtadt

And never hear “Me-Too”!


We’ll miss the wisdom

That we heard

As Boruch learned his Brochos

And good old Hymie used to be

Always oif tzeluchos


And we will miss

Our Uncle Dee

Who lived across the sea

Who, my friends

Did specialize

In storyology!


And Eli’s eyes

Are filled with tears

Because his Zaidy’s gone

No, he’s not lost

In Wilkes-Barre

Or in a plane he’s on


And no more raffles will be sold

From the school with that long name

Yeshivas Lilmod Ulilamed

Lishmor Velaasos, Ulekayeim…


(By the way

That’s not the end

I do remember more

“Es Kol Divrei, Talmud Torasecha,

Of course, Be-Ah-Ha-Voh! )

(Lady, are you calling for a yeshiva or davening Shacharis?!)


Those magic coins

Will never talk

Nor Pesach’s extra day

And Cousin Lemel’s yaamod

Will no more blast away


Anshei Kartofel

Close your doors

And shed a tear for Zaidy

And all the characters will cry

Even that Chinese lady


Our little kids

Will never know

How seltzer saved the day

Or how Mayor


The nickel he did pay


Who will not miss

Those lovely lines

“I said I was I’m sorry”

And who won’t try

To jump on board

When “Here comes

The trolley”


The kinderlach

You always taught

In classrooms

And in cars

Will shed a tear

Each time they hear

The songs of

All your stars


And Russian taxi drivers

No longer

Will have fares

As Mr. Osborne

And his crew

Shed with us the tears


Like Shabbos

Without seltzer

And cholent with just beans

Somehow something’s missing

For kids, adults and teens


What’s Purim without sneakers?

That’s Yom Kippur, you say?

We’ll never know

Without Reb Shmuel …

Who now has gone away…



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