Saturday, Jun 15, 2024

Waiting for Salvation!

Slowly they

Begin to open

We’re still praying

We’re still hopin’


Will they ever

Fill again

Will there be a

Will again?


Looking back

In retrospect

Without showing



So many questions

Do arise

What were truths

And what were lies


Claims and counters

Rumors muttered

Keeping Torah venues



Edicts came from those above

Who claimed they shut us

Out of love

Yet, despite democracy

We felt the great hypocrisy


Hundreds romp

At New York beaches

But just ten sit

While pastor preaches

Arrests are made for Jewish breaches

If a rebbi, morah teaches


Play in parks

And watch the planes

Costco, Target

Who complains?


And even ‘mongst

Our very own

Seeds of conflict

They were sown


Open? Yes!

Open? No!

Can to shul

The people go?


Yelling! Screaming!

And name-calling

Klal Yisroel’s spirit



We think of plagues

Illness and death

But this one took

Our very breath


Some by plague

And some by sword

And some so sadly

By discord


The Torah is

Our very air

When it is stopped

It’s our despair


And now the news

Got even worse

Jews unmasked

Are told, “Disperse!”

But rioters

“Oh! We don’t care!”

Loot and burn

And create fear


We don’t care and we’ll survive

Please keep the groups

To twenty-five


Sheriff cars

Down streets are driven

If you’re open

Tickets given


But open up

Your clothing store

So that looters

Can steal more!


They won’t stop them

They won’t ask

Except that looters

Wear a mask!


And thus I prayed

Shavuos would bring

A complete cure

To everything


Not just our bodies

But our soul

To re-imagine

Every goal


And focus more

Than we have seen

Not just for a cure



To bring an end

In our life

For every illness

Every strife


The illness, riots


Hashem please help

That we’re



And for this madness

Just one cure

For how much more

Can we endure


Gut in Himmel!

Help us! How?

Please bring us

Moshiach now



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