Monday, May 10, 2021

Visiting ReVisited

Despite the thought

Seeming obscene

When you sit on



While back and forth

And in between

The camps in which

Your kids have been


So this debate

I hear my friend

Has just been sent

To the UN


To hear world leaders

What they say

Should we abolish

Visiting Day


And so they asked

Sir Muammar

No camp, he said

Is really far


For if you think

The shlep’s insane

They can send

A NATO plane


And Abbas said

The camps, my friend

To my death

I shall defend


I do not think

We should debate

Those squalid camps

Declare a state!


The president


This is what

He had to say


I say, “Just leave it

If you aks

For tipping is

A form of tax!”


The UN Chief

Of course would say

Just like he said

The other day


The question isn’t

Or perhaps is it?

The value of

This camping visit?


The truth is that

I’m really itchin’

To visit some camp’s

Little kitchen


And then declare

We have world peace

And I just solved

Problems with Greece


Truth be told

We know it’s true

No matter what

They try to do


Some will kvetch

And some will fight

Some will write

The Readers Write


But up we’ll drive

Our cars packed tight

Leave by day

Return at night


To spend some time

Perhaps to play

With our kids

We sent away

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